Any high Arctic travelers here?

  1. I am seriously planning to visit Spitsbergen/Svalbard one of these summers as I hear the sea kayaking is incredible. Although in the high Arctic, apparently there's enough Gulf Stream to where it still gets in the 40s/50s (F) in the summer.

    Anyone have any tips or stories to share? I'm truly fascinated with Arctic issues (the indigineous peoples, climate changes, land disputes) and would SO love a trip to explore! And maybe some Norwegian classes are in order too for Svalbard ;)
  2. I know NOTHING about this but it sounds AMAZING!Hope u go soon and report back!
  3. ^^ same here! I'm one of those weirdos who, on a polar flight route from the states to Europe, looks down at Greenland or wherever we are and thinks...hey, can we make a stop here for a bit? :lol:

    Spitsbergen/Svalbard is in the high Arctic, north of Norway/Sweden/'s a Norwegian possession.
  4. That sounds AMAZING. I've been wanting to go on an Antarctic cruise for years and this year when we came home from Dubai we flew over the Arctic and I had my nose pressed up against the window the whole time, looking at the glaciers. So the Arctic is on my list now too.
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    I've been to the high arctic in two continents, NA (Canada) and Europe

    I've also been to Antartica. I am a cold weather adventurist. I don't travel much in the summer, but once winter comes, I'm gone. I've also been to Moscow and St. Petersburg in February and have to admit I wasn't dressed for it, coming from a cold winter city myself and it was the coldest I ever felt standing on the Finnish gulf of the Baltic Sea. BRRRRR, the wind was fearless.

    If you're interested in land disputes, indigineous people, then Alaska is a good place to explore that issue as that is an ever brewing battle. I love AK, going to the Yukon Quest this year in February which ends in Whitehorse Yukon Canada. The northern territories of Canada are also a good place to do your search including the Saskatchewan natives.

    When I went Polar bear viewing in Manitoba, I headed then to Nunavut which is full of natives and few land disputes.

    I would not suggest a cruise for Spitsbergen/Svalbard if you are thinking of going, so much to see that you'll miss from the ship, but I'm very biased that way against cruises.

    GL and Have fun on your travels. I did do an Antarctica cruise but that is about the only way to see the region.

    I wasn't aware of land disputes/ issues when I was above the arctic circle in my travels to the Nordic countries, but EU members could chime in here, as I'm sure they are more knowledgeable.

    A beautiful country that is so easy to get to from NYC is ICELAND--its gorgeous, lots to see and do. And if you're a cold weather sweater nut like me, the country can't be beat for sweater shopping!!!

    I think I went a little off topic, but once I get started on cold weather countries, I tend to babble. Sorry!!
  6. ^ Great insight Longchamp. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I like the colder/sweater/coat weather and your trips have given me quite a few ideas for upcoming travel.
  7. Wow...awesome post, Longchamp! :tup: I do love cruising (caribbean and southeast Alaska) but definitely don't want to do that for Spitsbergen/Svalbard.

    I was in Moscow and St. Petersburg (when it was still Leningrad) in the summer but I can imagine that cold wind! We stayed up till 3am to watch them open all the bridges in St. P, and it never got completely dark...a faint greenish glow in the skies - amazing.

    I know there is a longtime land dispute between Canada and Greenland (Denmark) about Hans Island...a chunk of rock in a high northern strait. Interesting google searches!

    Sounds like you've had amazing travels! Oh gosh, Iceland sounds fabulous too...

    OK, I'm sold! Summer '11 I will be somewhere north :wlae:
  8. I haven't been to Svalbard, but have only heard great things about it.
    My heart does however belong to Greenland. Lived there for four years with my parents when I was a child, and it is AMAZING! Really!
    Illullisat is the most beautiful place I've ever been, and then go to the Disco Island as well.. We lived on a small island in the Disco Bay called Aasiaat.. Not a whole lot to see, but stunning as well..
  9. I'm actually going to Svaalbard next year. It's already planned for the 20 July. I used flyer miles for the tickets so it got super cheap. Next up after that I wanna visit The Faroe Islands. Looks so beautiful. .OK, not really Arctic but anyway :smile:
  10. Svalbard is somewhere I've been longing to visit for a long time. I'd also love to go to Greenland and Iceland. Such an amazingly beautiful part of the world.
  11. Thought I'd revive this thread!! Was just in Antarctica last December and heading to Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland next year. Anyone have tips for must-sees in the European arctic?

    I'd love to visit the Canadian arctic and Russian far east... And my ultimate goal, the north pole! If only I had $25k to blow on a trip!
  12. EU arctic--I am a nut about visiting all the ice castles.

    My pix is Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi Sweden.

    But I had more fun at the Lummi Linna Snow castle in Finland.
    I also added on the Sampo Arctic Ice breaker while I was there.

    Here's the ice breaker and then you could float in the water




    IMG_0126.jpg IMG_0131.jpg