Any Hermes questions welcome!

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  1. Hi everybody! I found this forum quite a while ago but never thought abut joining it but after all I see that there are many Hermes addicts out there and probably my knowledge could be of interest for some of you folks! I am not pretending to be Hermes guru, not all but for the years I have established contacts with this brand that could be called intimate so I know almost everything from whithin. How it works. So if you have any questions on anything concerning Hermes - I would be happy to reply. Do not hesitate with questions or probably any help needed - I will try to do my best and if I cannot reply right away you will definitely get the answer within 24 hours (just time to have a breakfast with my Hermes pals). So...
  2. Hi Birkinbagaddict. Welcome. We'd love to see pictures of your collections.
  3. I will take some pictures in the days to come. Will pick up my new TOILE POTAMOS tomorrow and will share it with the world as well. I am absolutely in love with this new canvas.:love:
  4. My collection is as follows... 3 croc birkin bags:black, pink, and blue... 4 birkin togo bags... orange, jean blue, black, and ofcourse lime green.. my favorite!! and lots more
  5. isn't there already a thread like this from ali babe or i can't remember her name? sorry if i am mistaken.
  6. Sorry but you sound a bit like monaco_babe, when she last visited the H forum.
  7. Am sorry i dont know.. i am new here
  8. Does this sound familiar? it's almost the same as the OP's post. This is from a thread started a few months ago by a person named BIRKIN_BAG_ADDICT.
  9. Sorry, troll, That was a while ago, and I don't know why you're back. Go away.
  10. Oh how familiar.. How could he have copied you when she did this before you?
  11. Why do you people have to reject MEE!! I did nothing wrong!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  12. All i wanted to do was talk to nice people like you.. and no one gave me the chance to explain myself
  13. I am a nice person.. i just want to share my knowledge with you guyss.. about hermes..
  14. The same name, the same thread.. why do you think we are rejecting you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.