Any hermes horror stories?

  1. Hi, as some of you know, i'm awaiting for my friend to bring back my first birkin from paris. I know it's only less than a two weeks wait but the wait is really agonizing! I can't help thinking horrible thoughts such as the bag being stolen in her hotel room, stolen at the airport, lost luggage, etc etc etc. And my thoughts even go all the way to if i do get the bag in once piece, what if someone spills soy sauce on it, or my nieces and nephews draws on it, etc. Am i thinking too much or do these things really happen? Please share some stories.....
  2. Well , my cottage was badly flooded in the July floods in worcestershire, and the Ostrich Kelly got it
    However she has recovered fairly well, but wont be as she was,

    Also some rat fink on the London train , nearly spilled coffee over her ( mind you he was quite good looking so I just gave hin a smile :beach::rolleyes:

    Try to not worry , just be sensible when out and about, and remember the raincoat
    enjoy the bag, dont molly coddle it
  3. You're thinking abit too much my dear, just relax k ? Your bag will arrive in once piece in the way you want it. Trust me !:yes:
  4. It's almost good to get that first bump or scratch so you can relax and enjoy your bag.
  5. Check out this thread:

    New years event gone bad!

    Hermes was able to fix it though.

    If you travel, a number of women use a Longchamp tote bag to carry their Birkins in.
  6. My horror story is that I bought one H and I can't stop buying more now.
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    SO TRUE SO TRUE.........
  8. LOL...