ANy hermes for me?

  1. hey all, not sure if thisis the right forum to ask my questions..

    Does HERMES sell any bags for me?:confused1:
  2. Are you asking about "entry level" priced bags? Your post isn't really clear. If you can provide us with some more info, I'm sure we can give you some options to consider!
  3. HERMES meant for men?
  4. Oh, sorry--the post didn't make it clear that you were a guy, either. LOL It said "meant for me?"....that's why I was all confused, sorry.

    Yes. We have several threads about Hermes bags for men, actually, and several very active male participants here. (OMG I said members first and that is not what I meant)

    There are lots of styles out there--can you give us an idea of the type of bag you would like to have? Do you want a laptop type bag, or a tote type bag, or a messenger, or something else?
  5. Heard so much about HERMES and mostly about ladies bag..i wan laptop/messenger/briefcase..i already own 2 prada and 2 LV:tup:
  6. There's a great messenger bag called Steve. If you can get to a store I'm sure they'll be happy to show you.
  7. We have a couple of guys here who carry 35 and 40 (and bigger) Birkins and HACs - and look super!
  8. I love the male version of the kelly bag -- beautiful briefacase!!