Any Hermes fans in Abu Dhabi or Dubai

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  1. #1 Sep 20, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2010
  2. In Dubai :biggrin: and we have a couple of H stores here..:woohoo:
  3. Hi, how is Dubai price compared to Paris? I have a stopover at Dubai in May, is there any Hermes store in the airport? Thx :smile:
  4. I saw the Hermes helicopter in the air loads of times in Abu Dhabi!!

    Sindy, there is a small Hermes in Terminal 3 of Dubai airport but it only stocks ties and silks and some canvas beach type bags. There may have been some jewellery (didn't look) but there are definitely no leather bags or SLGs.
  5. Hi HermesFSH, thx :smile:
  6. I may finally go over to Dubai for a workshop in May. Where r HERMES stores? I'm looking for LINDY 30, clemence or togo.
    Could you pls check out prices for me & the type of avalaibilty over there. Thx a million!!
  7. Welcome to Dubai! Hermes stores are in Dubai Mall and Burjuman. The availability depends on how lucky you are. ;)
  8. I am moving this to the general section of the forum, as it is not meeting related - hope all of you in Abu Dhabi and the region enjoy getting to know each other on this thread!
  9. Ooo I loveeeeeee Dubai!!!!!!and Abu Dahbi even more, not close but will be going soon I hope !!! Best darling welcome to the forum.
  10. I decided to google & located Hermes stores in Dubai. Contacted the store & spoke to a wonderful SA there. She's willing to reserve 'the bag' even though I'm yet to confirm my trip next mth. She did ask whether I'm new to Hermes & I said yes. I've been looking for this bag since my last transit in Changi airport last March. A lady traveller left it at the counter while looking at other stuff. I only managed to identify it back in TPF. Since then, every other bags are forgotten as I've been busy reading everything abt HERMES. Glad to know there are 2 Hermes stores in Dubai & it's also cheaper to get it than S'pore & it may not be available on my next transit in Aug.. I'm just not into travelling to Europe just for it although it's much cheaper with the GST returns.
    Keep my fingers cross & I'll be in Dubai soon!!
  11. Hi gals,

    I'll be travelling to dubai in a few weeks time.Will love to visit hermes store at dubai mall and hopefully to score for either a Kelly or a B.

    Will any dubai tpf-ers advise me on the stock inventory over at dubai mall?

    Any chances to get a birkin and the rtw such as cdcs?

    Thanks in advance for all kind advice.
  12. I'm going to Dubai this Friday!! Will definitely get over to Dubai Mall either on Sat/ Sun, depend on my schedule. Will check out what's available to share with everyone here.
    Temp is soaring hot right now!!!
  13. Hi, my husband is going to Dubai next week and I am in dire need to be fed B or K or Lindy. Please do feed me any info on precious? Inventory and price wise. I appreciate it thanks.
  14. I was in both cities last week. I only visited the H store in the Dubai Mall, however. There was very little bag inventory. One customer was being shown a Birkin in some sort of brique-like color; other than that, I saw no other Birkins or Kellys. I can't remember if there were any Lindys but I want to guess no.
  15. Scoring B or K in Dubai as a work-in customer is next to impossible. The brique-like coloured Birkin 35 in epsom is a 'sample' which is shown to customers who wish to place an order and do not mind waiting 1-2 years.
    There is possibility to find a Lindy, especially exotic one, but it is also very slim.
    The prices are 37.000 AED for Togo/Clemence 35 Birkin and 23.500 AED for Lindy 30 in Clemence.
    Hope it helped. :smile: