Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. I have a project for school - a position paper. I get to choose an issue and explain how I feel about it. SO I decided that I will do my project on the fake purse industry, and explain the reasons why I am against them. I know I've breifly read articles on this topic, about how it can lead to funding for crime, not to mention how it hurts the original designer. If you are aware of any articles or resources it would be very helpful.
  2. if you can find the issue of bazaar from like a month or two ago with julianne moore on it, they had a great article about it. they might have it at the library or something.

    if i was writing that article, i'd go totally theoretical - Baudrillard and the simulacra, the devaluation of authenticity and the blurring of objective reality :biggrin:. but Baudrillard is quite dense and difficult to read, i wouldn't recommend going down that road unless you've already trod there.

    i have quite possibly been in college too long, btw.
  3. Amanda, I read that Bazaar as well...I think it is the December 2005. Manufacturers of fakes use underpaid and abused child is terrible