Any help with this beautiful brown bag? :/

  1. Hello :smile: I'm pretty new to the purse forums & especially with Balenciaga. I got some beautiful chanel bags and this balenciaga yesterday but I have no idea what it is..

    Any help would be fully appreciated! thanks :wlae: Oh and sorry for the bad picture quality.. I know its authentic though because I bought it at NM. ;]

  2. It's a Matelasse, but I can't tell for sure what the size is from the pic. Medium, possibly??
  3. You got "some" chanels and the Maltese!! wow thats a haul!!

    This is definitely the Malatesse. Looks like the colour is Truffle I think? Not sure on size since its not pictured next to anything to get an idea of relativity....

    Very pretty!! Was it on sale?
  4. Looks like truffle to me! Congrats on your beauty!
  5. Now that is a GORGEOUS bag! Congrats! I hope you got some good deals! :yes:
  6. These styles are always on sell at my NM. Around 900$ or less...
  7. Beautiful Bag! Beautiful Color! I never really liked this bag till I saw a woman with this exact bag on her arm in Neiman Marcus! It looked soooo good on her, I had to tell her! Congrats!!