any help to find this miu miu?

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  1. i'm looking for this miu miu bag from sesaons ago. i don't mind about the condition or if it's second hand. i guess i prefer it's second han with reasonable price
    any help? thanks :P
  2. I've seen it on e-bay before -- but not second-hand and the price was pretty equivalent to retail.
  3. Wow! Cute bag. Your best bet is eBay. I haven't seen this one anywhere for a long long time.
  4. thanks...
    yeah i've been searching on eBay but found no luck today. i'll try again tomorrow and so n until i found it! thanks... :smile:
  5. Oh I have that exact bag and also it's smaller little sister! It's a great bag, you do need to watch out because I have seen a fake of the small version- no sure about the big version.

    Also the pins were optional, so some bags may have them and some may not.

    I'll keep on the lookout for you too. But it was from last year's spring collection (2005). I'm pretty sure that Saks and NM sold them- so maybe the outlet of these stores might be carrying last year's stuff.
  6. I am looking for the exact same collection right now... maybe too late huh?
  7. That is a cute bag.
  8. ahhh yes, I saw it last year available on Yoox, but the bag is actually 05, so I am guessing eBay unfortunately is your best bet now.

    Best of luck tracking it down, I am sure one will turn up for you ;)
  9. it's gorgeous! But I prefer the '06 bags - Have a denim one with a woman walking her dog... love it to bits!
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