Any Hayden-Harnett Salina Pouch owners?

  1. I need a funky, snappy bag for knocking around in this Summer and want something other than my normal Koobas. I am considering a Hayden-Harnett bag, perhaps a Salina Pouch in a fun color like currant or ink.

    If you have seen or own one, I have these questions:

    Does it seem like a bottomless pit like alot of pouches can be, or is it manageable?

    What can the bag hold?

    What are the colors of currant and ink like, have you seen them?

    What do you think of their bags overall?

    And if you have a photo of you carrying it, please post..thanks!

    If you have any other suggestions for a fun, colorful bag near this size and price range (150-260), let's see it!
    salinaink.jpg salinacurrant.jpg
  2. there is a cranberry Salina an Anthro for $99 right now
  3. That is a great tip, thanks! And their currant and cranberry look almost identical in color.
  4. I would love to see what the Salina looks like on, too. I've been eyeing it for months, but I'm not sure it would be big enough.
  5. Someone in the forum had once because I remember them posting modeling pics and it was a great looking bag. Maybe they'll pop up. It was a few months ago at least and I can't keep track of all the names.
  6. Go to and type Salina into the search bar. Then click on the different views of the bag. One of them is on a model-and you can see that it is a good sized bag!:yes:
  7. love the softness of the leather, but it looks like there is a lot of metal going on there. Not what is really going on in bags today so much....but, wonderful leather and gorgeous color
  8. This is strange... I just received my "cranberry salina" from Anthropologie, and it doesn't have the grommets. It's plain... but the funny thing is I like it better. The other strange thing is that the bag it came in is labeled: Hayden-Harnett, Victorian drawstring, color: Currant.

    I was annoyed at first, but I'm going to keep it. I used a gift certificate, so it cost me little, and I don't shop at Anthro that much.

    Here are some pics so you can see... Sorry the mirror pic is crappy.
    hh1.jpg hh2.jpg
  9. I remember that bag from Anthro. I think their pic even showed the grommets. But this bag is nice too. I think I like it better.
  10. Their pic did show grommets! And I thought they sent me the wrong bag! But I checked on Hayden-Harnett's website and they don't have the bag like this with the Salina pouch style and no grommets. And this is definitely a Hayden-Harnett...
  11. Wow, I like it better without the grommets too, it is smoother looking. Thanks sooo much for the photos, that makes such a difference.

    Missmary, what is the inside of the bad like, in other words, it is a bottomless pit kind of feel or not?

    You folks are so much help.
  12. Ladysalesrep195, it doesn't feel like a bottomless pit. The bag is not as deep as you would think. The inside is lined with cute fabric, but the fabric seems a little cheap, to be honest... I can find everything fine. zipper pocket on one side, two little pockets on the other side for cell phone, etc. A zipper pocket on the outside that's really handy. The leather is really soft and is more of a raspberry color, in my opinion...
  13. Ladysalesrep195, have you considered the Bulga butterfly tote? There are a couple of threads on the Bulgas. I have a medium size in Aqua that is gorgeous for summer, and it deceptively holds a lot. The Bulga quality is great! I'd say better than Hayden-Harnett, and you can find them on sale on a lot of websites.
  14. Thanks, I will take a peek at the Bulgas. *s
  15. Thanks, I will take a peek at the Bulgas. *s