Any Hayden-Harnett owners?

  1. Where was your bag made?

    I finally received my Havana Hobo and was really disappointed to find that they're now manufacturing their handbags in China.

    Would that affect your decision to buy/keep something?
  2. I am getting so used to things being made in China and other countries like that it doesn't bother me anymore. If I hated my purchase because I didn't like it, then it would go back. I do wish more items were made in other countries though especially the U.S.A. look at how many people here are out of work.
  3. where would i find the label. i have a hh hobo and i will check mine for you
  4. The tag in mine is sewn on the side inseam of the lining (if you're looking at the inside zipper pocket, it's to the left.)
  5. Doesn't bother me... My satchel was made in China...
  6. I have both the havana hobo and the regular hobo. Doesn't really bother me either as I still really like the design and the leather. And the two bags that I have are really well made. I agree with the above post that many things are made in China and overseas these days so I just kind of let it go
  7. Thank you, I have been posting asking people where the HH bags are made and no one ever responded.

    I guess it all depends on how much you love the bag. If you love it! And if the price is right, it wouldn't matter where it was made.

    But if you are "sitting on the fence" whether to get it or not and am making a pros and cons list. then you should factor it in.

    As long as the quality is good and you love the style, just ignor the label! ;)
  8. made in china, too, for me. i thought they were manufactured in brooklyn.
  9. That's the impression I was under. :hrmm:

    You'd think I'd be more open about a handbag being imported from China since my husband is a manufacturer/importer himself (and I know how some items that are tagged with "Made in France" truly aren't and how manufacturers get around that).

    Do you girls with the Havana feel that the flap doesn't hang over the bag far enough??
  10. I would agree with this. I feel like I always have to "arrange" my bag after I put it on. It doesn't drape naturally b/c the flap is so short
  11. I've decided to return the bag for this specific reason.:sad:

    I haven't crossed HH off my list yet though...I do like their style and the leather is incredible!!! :yes: