Any have this bag?

  1. I bought the coach ergo scarf hobo (#10781) and I LOVE it but it's SO hard to keep clean! I've used my tide to go pen on some of the stains and it comes off but it just seems like I have to be SO conscious of where I set it. Even the leather has like scuff marks (which I saw that hairspray will take off but some are still there). Just wondering if anyone had tips on keeping it clean or cleaning it period.

    This is my first coach ever (I've been in love since I was 12 but it was hard for me to justify to myself spending that much money on a bag. Hubby finally MADE me buy one LOL). Are all their bags this high maintanence or is it just because of the scarf fabric?
  2. its just the scarf fabric lol! anything silky does that
  3. ^^exactly! i rarely use my scarf print hobo because of the fabric. should you decide to buy a new bag in the future, go with the signature or the leather...far less maintenance required!
  4. The scarf print is very cute. I didn't realize it would be so hard to keep clean.
  5. yes it's supposedly very hard to keep clean, but i would suggest using a little warm water and a little bit of woolite, and handwashing it.
    I have done this with my scribble bags and they came out clean and fine. I would say it can't hurt, i just sort of scrubbed mine by hand, but I did hear someone say to try a mr clean magic eraser! so hopefully this helps!
  6. Thanks! I've heard the magic eraser.

    I'll try the woolite too. Just rub some on there or soak it?

    My next one will definitely be something far less maintainence lol.
  7. i have the scarf print pouch, i've had it for almost a year. i've only used it once, due to the fact that it's so hard to keep clean! i definitely wouldn't use it for everyday. it's too high-maintenance, and also a bit too small to carry all my things. but i'm going to try to use it on the weekends nowadays. i don't actually have any advice on how to clean it, but i'm going to read the other's responses. i'll need to know this too. good luck!
  8. No i filled up my bathtub- or sink with a bout 3 inches of warm water, and maybe a capful of woolite-read the bottle- and kinda dunked it, and then i just hand washed it... i think you could also try using the magic eraser to scrub it too... i'm going to do that next time i wash mine.
    then i just rinsed it really well, and squeezed as much water out, put a towel in side of it, and wraped it up in a towel, and i hung it up to dry.....Also I took the hang tag off, and i moisturized the leather parts when it was dry and it came out fine....
    good luck!
  9. I'll definitely have to try that. I mean I don't mind that it gets dirty easy but I just get freaked out it'll completey STAIN and this hugh black mark on my gorgeous mostly white purse lol. My friend has the green/brown scarf tote (SUPER cute) and she said her's gets dirty easily too.