Any Harry Potter fans? [blush]

  1. Its just that Harry Potter 4 just came on on HBO and I got obsessed all over again, lol. I even went and fished out this link ( I cant wait for book 7 to come out! :shame: Man, I am such a kid.
  2. Ok I admit it I became a fan too. It all started when my youngest had to do a book report. I read the first one and needed to continue.
  3. i've never read any of the books (plan to read them all this summer) but i'm obsessed with the movies....and i'm not a big movie's the only thing i own on DVD :shame:
  4. Haha, thats so sweet. I tried to get my mom into it, but she refuses :[

    Thats awesome jc! So far I would have to say I love movie 4 the best. What about you? Is 4 out on DVD yet?
  5. I am. I can't wait for the last book!
  6. I'm a big all of the books and own all of the DVDs.
  7. ^^ ME too!! I LOVE Harry Potter (and I'm a junior in college - yipes! :lol:) My little brother had to do a book report and bought the first book when it came out a few years ago. I thought it was just a bunch of hype over nothing so I didn't really pay attn to it. Then one day I had nothing better to do & started reading it - and I've been addicted ever since!
  8. 4 was my favorite too, it was soso good.....2 was my least favorite (as in i still loved it, just not as much) but i can't wait until the next one comes out i'm sososo excited (which is kinda sad but still)......and 4 is out on DVD :P
  9. I loooooooove Harry Potter. And yes, movie 4 is out on DVD! Just make sure that if you get it, you get the special edition version!
  10. I am a HUGE fan as well! Since I drive so much for work, I have all the books on unabridged book on CD. The man who narrates them is a London stage actor and absolutely brings the characters to life. I highly recommend them! I have taken the time to read the actual books, too.

    While I think the movies themselves are good, I do not believe they entirely do the books justice. I eagerly await the next book release!
  11. i LOVE harry potter! the week before book six came out i was SO excited. i pre ordered it from like six months ahead and had forgotten about it. i seriously did a little happy dance in my computer chair when i got the email saying it was shipped. :smile:

    the movies are pretty good and i own them all, but they are NO substitute for the books imo. :smile:
  12. I am, and I'm totally crushing on Draco :shame:
  13. i love reading the Harry Potter books! my fav is number 3! i've seen all the movies so far and i cant wait for the next book to come out!!!! hehehe!
  14. My DH and I are big fans! We have every movie on DVD, and of course, every book!
  15. Yes, I'm a huge fan :shame: not just HP also Lord of the Rings...