Any handheld bag fans?

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  1. It might not be the most convenient silhouette at times, but I am a fan of handheld bags. My shoulders used to hurt which shoulder bags and i would walk unevenly. Any other fans?
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  2. I like! It has to have short handle though, I feel awkward when bag is hanging too low. I also think they tend to look very ladylike, Lady Dior, Kelly...
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  3. I like to have both as an option. Most of my bags have a handle and a shoulder strap. I like the look of a handheld, but I have two kids. That necessitates that I be hands free at times, and I like to be hands free when I'm mall shopping.
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  4. Nice to have a handheld, nice to have a tote.
  5. I have both (handheld and shoulder bags). While the handheld bags look nicer to me, I prefer shoulder bags more because I like having my hands free.
  6. I only have handheld bags as shoulder bags tend to wrinkle my top during the day. I also don't like the weight shoulder bags put on my shoulder as well.

    However, I do gravitate bags that have the shoulder strap option in case I am in need of one at times :smile:
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  7. Love them! It makes it easy to grab the bag when I am in a hurry.
  8. My primary preference is for handheld bags in summer and crossbody in winter. But as a mom, you need to haul a lot sometimes so shoulder totes can still be useful.
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  10. This is very nice. I think the fact it's a satchel AND has an extra strap make it the best of both worlds.
  11. This is absolutely my favorite silhouette. Strap and handle. Best of both worlds.
  12. Perfect bag, remainsilly!❤️❤️
  13. Great thread! I absolutely love handheld bags as well--especially the ones that have a strap for occasional shoulder carrying.

    Just curious--do others have a preference for a one- or two-handle bag? I used to always prefer satchels or totes with two short handles, but I started using a satchel recently with a single handle and was surprised at how much I like it.
  14. I do out of mere necessity, i have some nerve issues so can no longer carry anything but a top handle/satchel design. My main go to bag is a satchel with dual handles but it does have a shoulder/crossbody strap however it's removable and it is not attached to my bag i just store it.
  15. Good question! my current go to is a dual handle, i don't own any single handles but have considered a style with it.. may i ask why do you prefer it ?