any H bag you regret buying?

  1. Well this thread may not be long lived(!), but do you have any Hermes bags that you regret buying -- for any reason? If so, why?

    Kind of reverse to the thread Toonie started couple of days ago (do you have any regrets turning down H bags)
  2. Oh boy, I hope i don't get flamed for this ... Does it count if you love the bags initially but then regret them when your preference changed?

    Now what I really do regret buying are all the accessories like scarves, charm locks, etc. I never use them and they just sit there in their orange boxes ... Those were purchases made under the pressure to buy in order to build up on the relationship. Expensive lessons.
  3. It is so tough to get a bag, I have plenty of time to make sure I love and want it!
  4. Ooh...I was thinking of buying at least one scarf...maybe I should rethink this. It seems kind of sad that we have to buy things we won't use to "build up" a relationship to try to get a bag that starts at $7,500. There is something wrong with this picture! (That being said, I just shelled out $200 for the Ulysse PM agenda!)
  5. Not really a regret, but a change of heart....I bought the potiron birkin....and decided I really wanted a brighter sold it and got a vermillion one instead! I love the orange but will get more use of the red for me...
  6. I know Et! It seems pretty silly but I'll still do it! :lol: You know even though I bought tons of scarves the SA's only really seemed to take me seriously once I got my Evelyne. :P

    But about regretting a purchase, I haven't ever regretted anything I bought at H because it takes me so long to save up I'm sure I want it!
  7. Nope! Not yet, anyway......
  8. I regret a clic-clac bracelet that I bought...I love the look, but it doesn't match my other jewelry so I never wear it.

    I still wish my Bolide was bigger, but I don't regret it at all...just don't wear it as much as I would in the larger size.
  9. My Jumbo necklace, it's not really a regret, but I just wish it would stay on better.
  10. I really really regret buying my Blue Jean Birkin in 35cm, I have come to realize that I'm a 30cm girl! It's sitting in my closet more these days! :sad: I have to do something about this. I've been looking at consignment stores to see if I see one, but no luck! :sad: As soon as I find one I would be willing to do a trade because my sa told me that the 35cm is a very popular size so I shouldn't have no problems trading, just make sure it's authentic and around the same year! :sad:
  11. Oh my God, you are the first person I know who does not like blue jean Birkin 35cm!!! Your bag is beautiful:heart: ! Please keep it unless you absoultely hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. frenchiefan, what size is your Bolide?
  13. KOU, what do you mean when your preference changed?

    yes, i must admit i have H scarves that i haven't even worn once, and I just bought scarf ring that I don't know how to quite use....
  14. Bagg, I am sure you will be able to do an exchange!
  15. When I got my first bag, I was content with having the right color and right size. And then I fell in love with ostrich shortly after and I realize I couldn't settle for anything else

    I think I should've bought giftcards as opposed to all these accessories. That way I would've been making "purchases" and build up relationships. Then when a bag comes in, I use all these gift cards up! Dang, that's what I should've done!