Any guys with a Brooklyn PM

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    Any of you guys or ladies DH's have a Brooklyn PM? I'm thinking about getting one myself. I would like to know a few things. First are you happy with it? Second how functional has it been to use? Do you carry it daily or only occasionally? I was thinking I probably would only carry it occasionally. If we go to a theme park, shopping at the mall or running around town performing errands where Im carrying a lot of stuff (wallet, phone, kes, check book, glasses and bills, etc.) Basically anytime that I would usually pawn my stuff off to my wife to carry in her bag. After being on TPF I realize how much you ladies love us guys giving you our stuff to carry. I don't know it it would become an everyday bag. Do any of you use it everday? My wife is going to get me a new messenger bag (LV Utah Omaha) for V-Day next month so I will carry this to work often eliminating the need for the other bag. The messenger would be too big for the above uses of the Brooklyn thus wanting to get one. Any thoughts would be helpful. Sorry if this has been a topic already. I searched TPF and found a few threads about the PM although not specifically these questions. If anyone has a Utah Omaha Id love to hear about that as well.
  2. Hey! There's a Brooklyn PM club...

    There are a couple of guys modeling the bag. Although I don't have the bag anymore, but it is very practical. I replaced the Brooklyn PM with a Pochette Bosphore in damier which is a little less practical. I liked how you could fit a lot in the Brooklyn, but for some reason, I wasn't fond of the flap closure, it felt my stuff wasn't too secure (even though it was since the flap has a hidden magnet to close the bag). I thought I liked the look of the bag but (and this is my own opinion) but eventually I realized I didn't really like the look of it. There isn't any leather on the bag and I like some leather on bags. It's definitely a nice, small man bag to have for everyday.