Any Guitar Hero rockers in here?

  1. So my DH asked me to picked up the game for him the day before yesterday. I got the bundle with GH2 and purchased GH3 as well. They were out of extra guitars at Best Buy so the first day I just watched him play. I went to Target yesterday and picked up an extra guitar and started playing yesterday and I AM ADDICTED!! I also picked up the new Rock Band bundle secretly for a Christmas gift for him so won't be able to play that until after Christmas but am excited about that one as well. Anyway, is anyone rocking out on GH as well? I'm thinking we may have to go XBOX live with this one and play against others.
  2. Hahaha....guitar hero is really addicting. I stink at it, but my kids who are in their twenties play it all the time. I finally made it through Smoke On The water at the easy level....:upsidedown:We have the wireless guitars and they do make it easier to play.
  3. I love GH3! Addicted, in fact. :biggrin:
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE GH3!!!! haha i played for hours when i first got it. its so fun and just the right amount of challenging. i'm stuck on the medium level though lol.

    just bought rock band too and was disappointed to find out that you can't use the guitar for the other game :sad: but the game itself is SO much fun. playing drums is quite difficult for me, but the singing part is hilarious.
  5. Singing??? OMG, I can't carry a tune to save my life but that will be so fun!! I had no idea there was singing on there. I didn't really get to check it out because I bought it and then I had to hurry and wrap it when I got home so that DH didn't peek.

    So yeah, we were up until 1:30 this morning playing GH2, haha. He's determined to beat that one before we get too far into GH3. I guess he has a strategy :roflmfao: Has anyone seen the South Park from this season that they are all into GH? It's all too familiar haha.
  6. I am so sad that you have Rock Band already!!!!
    It has been pushed back in Canada until Dec 20th, because they forgot to include a french manual. We have had it on pre-order forever. I'm dying to sing me some Pixies!!!!
  7. Ugh! I totally want the wireless guitars but they are sold out everywhere here. I'm sure Christmas is the culprit. I kept getting the "you are rocking too hard" message last nite because I kept ripping out the controller lol.
  8. We have Guitar Hero and Rock band! AAUUGHH...I suck at it, luckily I can do the drums alright and sing a bit...
  9. I love GH3. Holiday in Cambodia is where I unlock super stardom, sorry South Park reference.
  10. I like guitar hero. I have I and II. My brother has the III one. I'm not all that great at it I'm like on easy/medium. I wish I had a chance to play it more. My brother is insane he has mastered most of the songs on expert. I'm just like :wtf: when I watch the notes fly by on the screen. Maybe because he plays guitar in real life it helps.

    I just don't have the dexterity or coordination like I did when I was his age.

    I'm curious to see the reviews on rockband? I have a hard time justifying the $170 for the bundle. I had a hard time justifying $100 for GH. I think it looks cool but I don't have anyplace to put the drums anyway.
  11. i'm on medium as well and the slash boss stage is KILLING me!!! lol.

    rock band is a lot of fun. but for guitar hero experts, the rock band guitar offerings aren't as challenging (though i sometimes find medium to be really hard since i can't do fast strumming too well). also i've read online that launch units for rock band may have defective guitars. i thought mine was, but i think i just suck at guitar on it lol. the drums are the best part for me, its just challenging enough and you get really into it. i'm having difficulty finding what the difference is between difficulty levels for singing. tried dani california on medium and expert and didn't see a difference.

    if you have 360 then the guitar hero guitar can work on rock band, which is not the case for PS3. i'm really pissed about that since i'll have to buy 2 more guitars in order for my BF and i to play guitar parts in both rock band and guitar hero. i really hope a software update is in store to relieve this problem.

    what's everyone's favorite song to play on guitar hero. personally i've driven my BF nuts with playing slow ride and hit me with your best shot heheh.
  12. hahaa my bf loves guitar hero, he's trying to get me into it too!! im learning how to play barracuda right now I SUCK! but its pretty funny when i see my bf and his dad play together ..the both of them are singing along, moving, shaking..LOL..SLOWW RIDERRR
  13. I played 'crazy on you' last nite. I was so excited when i saw it... one of my favorite songs. bummed me out though because i was sooo close to getting booed off the stage but i made it through!!
  14. When we had Thanksgiving Dinner at my inlaws everyone young and old was engrossed in the game. I tried it and actually did pretty well. My husband plays the guitar and has played for years. He said he thought the game was pretty "lame".
    I liked it and so did everyone else in the family! My favorite song was Heart's Barracuda.
  15. That's cool. I didn't know that my xbox GH guitar will work for RockBand as well. So you're on medium eh? I'm still on easy. I'm a little nervous about throwing an extra finger in there. I think I need to get a little better on easy before I move on up, haha. So tell more about this whole singing thing for RockBand. Do you seriously have to be able to sing well? If so... me and DH both can't sing so we will both be screwed on that portion!!! I'm contemplating having him open that gift before Christmas because I'm anxious to try it out!