Any guesses or speculation for Hedi’s 1st collection?

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  1. im really interested (and nervous) about the new direction for the brand. It’s almoat making me want to buy up what I can from the last collection in case the new stuff is lackluster...anyone have any thoughts on this? I just feel like it’s going to be hard to top phoebe’s successes with the brand. Do you think they’ll reinvent or change old/classic designs? Go a totally new way? Discuss!
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  2. I am excited as well as i do like hedi's aesthetic but also i'm curious to see what will happen to the luggage tote and other popular bags. Many agrees that hedi will probably discontinue most of Celine's current accessory offerings especially seeing that the look of the luggage doesn't fit his design aesthetic. I am really interested in getting the micro luggage preloved (it's easier for my wallet).lol but I figured i'll wait until hedi's first collection is released because if he discontinues it, resell value will most likely drop more. Also curious to see how changes will affect the status of current bags in terms of if they will end up being considered outdated and lose value.
  3. Hedi will do a complete reset. New logo, new store interiors, everything will be new. This is what he did for Dior Homme and Saint Laurent. He is a control freak and will make everything from scratch in his image.

    When he began at Saint Laurent, he got rid of all the bags except the Cabas tote which he updated. I predict the same here but with an update to the Box bag since it is a classic that pre-dates Phoebe Philo.

    Anything that screams Phoebe (like the Luggage tote) will be gone in my opinion. I think he may only keep the minimalist look that some of the accessories have, e.g. the minimal stamp logo on the bags. I think he lifted this from Phoebe on for example the SLP duffles and Sac de Jour.

    As for RTW, at SLP, he looked to the original YSL RTW collections from the late 60s/early 70s for inspiration, and this is also the period when Celine RTW debuted. So I think he will have a lot of references to this time period again.

    Celine has no real codes or identity that pre-date Phoebe so it is a blank slate for him. If you look at what he did at Dior, it's not different at all really from what he did at SLP, so I think looking at what he's done is a strong indicator of what he will do at Celine. He has no duty to show reverence to what Phoebe did. Celine clothes under Phoebe are oversized and roomy. That's not Hedi's aesthetic at all. It will be completely different! He is not designing for a working woman like Phoebe was. He designs for the musicians he photographs.

    With his first collection for SLP, he played it safe and included mostly classic timeless pieces, like a foundational collection to introduce and set the new codes, before he really ran with it. He will probably do the same here. I am looking forward to what he does after that when he is really being true to who he is without constraints.
  4. I’m nervous as well. My SA told me that except for the box bag and the big bag line which is new, everything else in terms of bags will be gone. He also said the interior of all Celine boutiques will be redone with marbles coz Hedi loves marbles. I wasn’t super crazy about what he did at Saint Laurent. I guess what I like about Phoebe’s work is that they are minimalist but with interesting details or shapes so they are not boring. There’s always something in the details that excite me. I can’t say the same about the minimalist SL bags under Hedi tho, and I’m certainly not into the rocker elements in some of his previous work...
  5. My God, is this already confirmed? Wow, suddenly I'm also getting the all nervousness back...
    Getting better for the past few months, but now, the urge of securing any Phobe's Celine is emerging again.

    I understand if he really wants to do total revamp, something like Phoebe has done previously, removing all of the old Celine trace to make a new start. But, in 2010s Céline is identified with Phoebe's design, and they're still doing quite well business-wise, abrupt changes will totally be very confusing, with all of the additional collection they'll bring. I was hopeful that this will be gradual changes, that they will stop production for older designs 1-2 years after Hedi's debut collection, but now I'm not so sure, and very scared.
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  6. Well, those are just what the SA told me like 3 weeks ago (re: the store remodeling and most bags being discontinued). I knew they would keep the box bag, but was surprised to hear that most other bags created by PP will be discontinued so soon.
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  7. would the phantom cabas tote be discontinued as well? does anyone know the potential time frame?
  8. None of the styles have been confirmed to be discontinued there. There have been a lot of speculation amongst sales associates. I honestly think we just have to wait and see!
  9. I love the Cabas Phantom!
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  10. Anyone know if they mark a price down when/if a bag is discontinued? I’d love the nano luggage tote but do not wish to spend that amount of money on a bag that’s been around awhile and may soon be phased out.
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  11. So maybe I should wait on making a Celine purchase. What month will the new bags launch?
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  12. No I don’t really think so. They might just remove them from shelves completely. Sometimes they may have like 20% off or something like that to get rid of it faster. Best to buy preowned Nano Luggage, resale value on all designer bags have dropped significantly over the last couple of years.
  13. Where do you recommend getting a preowned authenticated? I’ve always bought new. Thanks so much!
  14. Whenever I look at preloved and see the prices I always end up buying new bags because the price between the former and the latter differs so little. Preloved bags, especially those which look new-ish, tend to be quite expensive. Or am I missing something? Where’s the best place to get preloved for a low price? (popular sites like vestiare collective, hardly ever worn it etc are all too pricey)
  15. Why would the resale value drop? If the supply is finite, wouldn't it go up? Or just that there would be no demand because it would become dated?