Any guesses on what yellow this is?

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  1. 2013 tournesol? Just guessing...
  2. Oh yeah that's a good guess too! It's so hard to tell because lighting can change the color a lot. Thanks for the input. :smile:
  3. This 2010 moutarde looks a lot to me like the same colour...look at the pics of the back of the interior tag on the two bags.
  4. 2011 Mimosa. If it was Curry or Tournesol the back side of the tag would have the letter of the year on it :smile:
  5. Thanks all! It looks like it sold so I guess I will never know.
  6. Meh, one more thing I didn't know...:oh: I need to take notes!
  7. Lol. They started the all caps made in italy in 2011 and started stamping the backs of the tags with the letters in 2012 (I believe in f/w 2012, with the K stamp). I don't know why they didn't think to do this a lot earlier, would have taken a whole bunch of guesswork out of bags with just leather tags over the years!
  8. It's definitely 2011 mimosa and there is a specific thread for ID'ing color in the sticky section.
  9. Great info, thanks. What season did the all caps start in 2011 do you know?
  10. It was straightaway in the spring season.
  11. So anything with all caps but no letter has to be 2011 or possibly S/S 2012, good to know, thanks!