Any Guesses on the Spring 2007 Colors?

  1. I know we haven't received the fall 2006 colors but I am already trying to guess what the spring colors will be. What do you think? What would be some "dream" colors? The perfect blue, the perfect pink.....
  2. A butter yellow or peach would be nice.
  3. I'd like to see an ivory/bone colored metallic.
  4. I'd love to see a yellow, not too bright, but not a mustard either! POP!

    I wish you well,

  5. oh that would be gorgeous!
  6. Didn't they release a pearl-colored metallic spring or pre-fall 2005? I remember considering it but never bought it and keep kicking myself because of that :shocked:
  7. I second the butter yellow and peach! too bad light colors get dirty so easily. :idea:
  8. Oooh a peach colour would be lovely! Like between light orange and pink!
  9. Another dark purple colour! I'd also like to see more of the multi-tonal bags (that change in different light like the ink)
  10. I wish they'd REDO some colors! I'd die for the teal or apple green again. :lol: Only in my dreams. I hope a nice bright turquoise-ish blue is one of the spring colors...
  11. I bought this nail polish the other day, I can't remember if it was Revlon or Maybelline but anyway, the color was "Vanishing Venus." I would love a bag in this color! It is very hard to describe though. The base of the color is almost like Chanel Vamp, a dark almost black burgundy color. But it also has a pearlescence to it, kind of bluish-greenish, reminds me of an insect!'

    I am sure none of you know what I am talking about, but a b-bag in that color would be the ultimate!

    Oh yeah, and something similar to eggplant would be nice also!
  12. OMG! I would love love love it if they did the 04 Rose or Turquoise again! OR anything like those!
  13. lavender or rose 2004? SLOOOBER!
  14. I would like to see more colours that have never been done yet. My choices:
    -soft yellow
    -mint green
    -a darker version of magenta
    -pale grey
  15. I think my wallet is happy those colors aren't out, as they sound irresistable!!