Any guesses as to when Mia Maggie might go to outlets?

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  1. Nft
  2. I heard the Mia Carryalls will go next!!!!
  3. Do you know if it is all of them or just certain colors? I am wanting a black one but I might wait if they are all going:smile:

  4. I am not sure of the colors yet
  5. I guess I will hold out and see. I know I saw all the colors for the Mia convertible go to the outlets and it would be just my luck to buy it now and next month it would be at the outlets! Thanks!
  6. if i check the floor plan again tonight ill let you guys know.... usually if black is included in the new set that means it isnt going, but if it isnt then will hit markdown soon so i will check tonight. there are new colors of mia carryalls like dark brown and i cant remember what else so they're definitely going soon. mia maggie however was just out like august or september so im thinking next month or the month after but who knows
  7. The "limited-edition" croc Audrey came out in August and went to outlets in October, so maybe Mia Maggies are on the way soon? Who knows?
  8. i hope soon id love to snag a cranberry!!!
  9. Oooh Dark Brown?:nuts: I can't wait!! I will definitely wait on the black then! Thank:smile:s
  10. i really want a lurex mia maggie which for me doesnt show up on the site unless i search for it n isnt available at either stores in my area so im hoping it'll head to the outlet in the next month or so and i can do a charge send.
  11. Mia Maggie Inlaid, is in the outlet now!
  12. Just saw Mia Maggie at my outlet yesterday in the pink scarf print!
  13. +1