Any Gucci Blondie Lovers Out There?

  1. hmmm I question the authenticity of that bag...the font on the inside tag looks a little off
  2. gals, if the bag in the photos is the bag they were selling, it's the real deal ;)...i know because i've got the same exact one :heart:...but the seller ended the listing early & i'm not sure what happened to the bag (?) :shrugs:
  3. I know I was comparing it to the picture you have up there and it looks real but I too wonder why she ended it early.:yes:
  4. I Just Looked & That Is One Gorgeous Bag! ........Someone Probably Contacted Her For The Reserve Price???
  5. That first one, is that one real? The serial number doesn't seem correct for a blondie. It starts with 12 and I thought they all started with 13....
  6. i'm not sure ask Blkladylaw she has the same one.
  7. I think aaallabama would know too. I think she has a green one.
  8. 2nd bag's serial number yielded this on the gucci website:

    sorry the thumbnail is so tiny...
  9. That's a great one. I'm over my limit for the month, though!:crybaby:
  10. I have never seen this style have you?
  11. yeah, i've never seen it either