Any grenats left?

  1. Since I live out in the sticks, I didn't get to see the lovely grenat color while it was in season. Does anybody know of a reputable shop that still has a City or Twiggy in grenat? I've seen a couple of fakes on eBay, but wish I could find the real thing. Thanks!
  2. My sister & I own the Grenat... and the color is just lusciously beautiful. She got her Grenat at Balny 2 weeks ago, however it's a Work. You may want to try calling Balenciaga New York & see if there are any lurking in the back. Good Luck!
  3. Barneys Seattle still has a Grenat Work...
  4. I've seen 3 Grenat works at NM. Paramus, Short Hills and White Plains all w/in the last 3 weeks.
  5. Has anyone seen a grenat day? I found a grenat city that I may buy but I think I would prefer a day.
  6. Bal NY have a City & First left.
  7. NY tells me they don't have a grenat City left. Do any BB styles besides City and Twiggy have both shoulder strap and hand-handles (besides the little First)? As I understand, the Work bag lacks the shoulder strap, and it'd be nice to have the option of carrying it either over the arm or shoulder.
  8. The Part-Time also has a shoulder strap and is a GREAT size. Not stupid-big, just enough bigger than the City for those "where the hell did THAT come from??!!" moments....
  9. Just wanted to add here that NM calls their Grenat a Bordeaux. A while back I wanted a grenat work and all the NM's said that they only had it in bordeux. I asked them to tell me the letter on the mirror plaque inside and its a W which means its from 06 which is grenat!

    They label grenats as bordeaux for some reason so call NM and good luck!
  10. I was at Barneys today and they had a grenat work and courier.
  11. I also saw a grenat work at Barneys Chestnut Hill.
  12. When I called Neimans, I asked for Grenat, Bordeaux, Wine, Burgundy, Dark Red--a rose by any other name. I am happy to report to the ultra-cool ladies here that I have indeed (thanks to all your help) scored my Balenciaga Grenat, and it's everything I hoped for! Thank you all so much!!!!!!! (Especially YOU--you know who you are!).