Any Grenat City sightings at NM or Saks?

  1. Just wondering. I'd love to get a GC from Saks tomorrow and I'm so close to cashing in my In Circle points at NM. This purchase would get me one of the 2. Thanks
  2. None at the NM in McLean, VA and I think NY was one of the places that the SA called looking for one for me
  3. You mean White Plains? I just called. Nothing:sad:
  4. I was told that Neimans did not purchase grenat in the city style--they said they purchased the purse style instead. This was according to the SA at the San Francisco store a couple of months ago.
  5. That would make sense. I haven't seen one there since they received Grenat. The SA at KOP was so funny. She's like we have the city w/out the strap. I said oh ok you mean the purse and she said not the city. THey are clueless
  6. Ok found out NM did not order the City or First in Grenat so they will not be getting them. Also Saks told me this morning they also did not order the city in that color. I went w/ a Purse instead.
  7. Z&J , You are too went out and rebought that grenat purse again? Was it from NM SHM? You are not going to believe this but it might be your original purse. I ended up returning it because I bought a burgandy Chloe and Chanel bag! I do have the purse in black and love it!
  8. i just ordered the grenat city from lvr. they have it in the purse too.
  9. Funny, I didn't get it from SH I've been working w/ Jennifer at Paramus.
  10. I have a question regarding this color and need some help. I have not purchased any Balenciagas since 2004. I am wanting to buy a city in the grenat color and have talked with a Kim at the Balenciaga Store in NY. What does the leather look like on this bag? I am not interested in the veiny look and was wondering if that's what the leather looks like.
  11. I hated the leather on the Grenat bags I saw at Barney's but I've only seen a few bags.