Any Greeks here..?

  1. Are there any greek forumers here?or with greek origins?I feel lonely:push:sad:LOL kidding!)
  2. LOL for a minute I thought you meant Greek, as in, Sorority and Fraternity organizations.... nevermind!

    No, not Greece is a beautiful place. I'd love to visit one day however!
  3. I'm not Greek, but one of my best friends is Greek. She's from an island called Ikaria, and I would looove to visit one day :smile:
  4. Hello!

    I am a Greek-American living in Chicago!
  5. Nope, but I'm Italian. I would looove to go to Greece one day!!
  6. Hi!are you second generation or more?
  7. hi! Yes, I'm greek living in chicago too! :yes:
  8. Me! I am half-Greek!!! :yes: How cool there are others too!
  9. There are many Greeks in Chicago. Why?

    I have family in Chicago too. I'm half-Greek. My father is straight off the boat. lol
  10. I believe there are about 1million greeks in chicago and surrounding areas!!!!! :yes::yes:
  11. I'm half Greek, my mom was born there. And my family lives in Ioannina
  12. I'm Greek (second Gen.) my mother is from Thesaloniki (sp?)
  13. I'm 1/2, too.
  14. OMG!I;m so happy now.Yes there are lots of Greeks in Chicago.From what I've heard Chicago was one of the most popular spots for the immigrants round the 50s and 60s.
  15. One of the best cities!Love it there!

    I'm actually from an island, Crete.