Any great sales in London and Paris week of Nov. 16???

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm leaving for London, Paris and Amsterdam on November 16 through November 26.:wlae: Do you guys know about any upcoming designer handbag/fashion sales in those cities while I'm there? Also, how can I get the VAT refund if I buy something in Paris, but flying out of London? :confused1:

    Thanks everyone,
    Pinky :heart:
  2. hi there pinky, you can get your VAT refunds at the airport before check-in, as they might want to seee the goods you have purchased. They should give your paris refunds in paris when leaving from there, as your passport and further travel tickets will prove your final destination is outside the EU.

    hope that helps.. Have a good trip!
  3. there's quite a few, hope this helps..:heart: :heart:
    Sample sale diary:

    The Ultimate Juicy Sample Sale
    When: 17 Nov 2006 - 17 Nov 2006
    Where: Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, LONDON SW3

    Orla Kiely Sample Sale
    When: 16 Nov 2006 - 19 Nov 2006
    Where: Studio Voltaire, 14 Nelson's Row, Chapham Common, London SW4 7JR

    The South West Designer Sale - Bristol
    When: 17 Nov 2006 - 18 Nov 2006
    Where: Oppo Cafe, 72 Park Street, Bristol (disabled/pushchair access on Park Street Ave)

    Gharani Strok Sample Sale
    When: 22 Nov 2006 - 25 Nov 2006
    Where: Gharani Strok, Block B, Unit 3c (3rd Floor), Long Island House, Warple Way (corner of Valetta Road), London W3 0RG

    British Desingers Sample Sale
    When: 24 Nov 2006 - 25 Nov 2006
    Where: Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Rd, LONDON SW3

    Secret Jitrois London Sample Sale
    When: 24 Nov 2006 - 25 Nov 2006
    Where: 5 Tower Court (Covent Garden), London WC2H 9NU (behind Seven Dials, off Earlham St)

    Secret Jitrois Paris Sample Sale
    When: 24 Nov 2006 - 25 Nov 2006
    Where: Jitrois Head Office, 202 Rue de Rivoli (Buzzer Jitrois), 2nd Floor, Paris 75001

    Brown’s Bridal Sample Sale
    When: 26 Nov 2006 - 26 Nov 2006
    Where: Browns Fashion, 23-27 South Molton Street, London W1K 5RD
  4. Hi... I'm currently in Paris.. I just came from Primtemps department store and they have 30% sale on selected merchandise.. I didn't really go through all departments as i went for a quick purchase of PJs for my girls which were not on sale lol but its Saturday and the store is full of ppl.. i will definitely go back during the coming week.

    Enjoy :smile:
  5. thanks, Lushk and Pinkishlove, for the heads up! Now I just need to figure out how to lug the stuff through three countries ; )
  6. good luck with that...!!