any great consignment shops in LA?

  1. Can anyone recommend consignment stores in LA? Thanks!
  2. there is decades and decadestwo on melrose.
    polkadots and moonbeams (on 3rd street, close to the beverly center, i believe) is supposed to have some fun funky stuff.
  3. There's one in Culver City that's supposed to be really great but I can't remember the name right now. They have some clothes that were used in films and TV. I'll do some hunting and see if I can find.

    Think it might be called Timeless Treasures or something like that.
  4. if you're looking for cheap vintage you can try Jet Rag--I think it was on the Ashlee Simpson show and I always find great clothes. They have a $1 Sunday sale--you'll have to dig but there's good stuff
  5. Last Chance Boutique in Culver City
    Rodeo Drive Resale in Sherman Oaks
    (both have websites but what they have online is only a shadow of what they have in stores -- movie studio/celeb stylists consign a lot of stuff at RDR, a few celebs such as the Duff sisters also shop there)