Any "Grandmas" Who Enjoy Coach Like Me?

  1. I am a newbie here and have been reading the threads and seeing that many of the members are younger. Just curious, are there any members who are over 40 and a Grandma like me? I am feeling very old here. <G>:yes: --Merry--
  2. hehe

    well my mom loves coach
    if that counts :smile:
  3. over 40.. haha you are most definantely not a grandma!! haha I will love coach my whole life, haha!! good thread lol
  4. I will be 55 in ten days and I have been buying coach for close to 30 years and I have not stopped yet. I have long enjoyed mine so keep at it. My latest purchase was the Ali in black to soothe my pain of a fractured knee. I have only now been able to use it for a week now and it is a beautiful bag
  5. I'm 48 and have been loving and wearing Coach for over 25 years. I'm trying to decide between the black leather and black signature legacy satchel now. I need to see them in person to make my decision and can't find a store that has both at the same time. That's my dilema for the moment while I await the 25% discount to arrive:s
  6. I will be 46 on Tues. No kids or grandkids but I love Coach.
  7. my mom carries a optic lurex coach and also a pebbled red one i got for her.
  8. she also had a khaki signature wallet before it was stolen.
  9. I'm a "Proud Grandma" and a proud owner of many Coach bags. I've carried Coach and LV for a long time and continue to do so!
  10. Then you share a common interest....:yes:..--Merry--
  11. Thank you..that is very sweet...:yes:
  12. There is nothing like handbag shopping to help take the mind off. I hope you made a speedy recovery.

    An early Happy Birthday. I had a big one this year many more..:balloon:
  13. Snazzy..I too am a "Grandma"..glad to hear from another one...--Merry--
  14. Wow..another early HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! --Merry--
  15. How nice of you to buy your Mom a Coach bag and I so sorry to hear that her wallet was stolen. You two must have fun shopping together... --Merry--