Any good YSL muse deals?

  1. I placed my oak muse at NM. For a very stupid reason which is...Fedex can't verify my phone # so they canceled my order...I currently live in canada...will be returning to states in a month or so...any one knows if any YSL boutiques have it on sale? Any colour is fine for me. I hope I can get one for my bday:crybaby:
  2. There's a thread on this forum that talks about the boutiques having sales now! Check it out and I hope you find one and have a very happy birthday!
  3. I heard HK YSL boutiques does have sales on muse. From 10.990HK down to 8990HKD.
  4. The YSL boutique by my house has the small muse on sale for $835 and the normal one for $899. The colors on sale are brown, tan, and green.
  5. What YSL botique is that???
  6. No but tons of Downtowns on Bluefly.
  7. Do tell which one. Phone number will be helpful. Thx.