Any good shoe detectives out there? :)

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  1. I tried to take a look at Gucci's website and as they aren't there I think they are from an old season. They weren't neither on Yoox... I'm sorry :sad:
  2. Thanks for looking Alice. I feel like these are the ultimate mystery shoes lol
  3. I took a look at italian ebay but nothing.. now that I think better I never saw them in stores... are you 100% sure they are from Gucci?
  4. Yes, well I'm pretty sure. I saw them in a magazine initially (it said they were Gucci), and the website I linked to says they're Gucci as well.
  5. Those look like the Gucci Dahlia booties, but they are from a few seasons ago.
  6. Luckyblonde, thank you sooo much!! :flowers:

    They are the Dahlia line, they also have similar styles in a tall boot and a mary jane. I still didn't find them anywhere but at least now I have a name to search by. Wish me luck!