Any good secondhand or vintage shops in Chicago?

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  1. Are their any good shops that carry secondhand/consignment/or resale items in Chicago? I'm looking for mostly mens clothing, and maybe a "new" bag or something. High end labels preferred!

    Thanks for any tips!
  2. :tumbleweed:
  3. I don't know but there might be a Filene's Basement in Chicago (at least their website says so). Not second hand, but good deals nevertheless. I was at the one in Boston a couple of weeks ago and they had a few nice prada messenger bags and a nice selection of men's clothing. My husband picked up a nice calvin klein suit! Good luck hope this helps!!!
  4. I'm in chicago right now so if anyone knows of any I'd love to hear! Especially if they are on or near michigan ave! I checked out filene's yesterday...couldn't resist after I saw tons of woman carrying bags from there. I have to say I was disappointed. I didn't really look through too much because it was so cluttered and messy. But there didn't seem to be any designer goods. It reminded me a lot of a ross or marshalls.
  5. The filene's and TJ maxx on michigan are WAY better than those on state; but still nothing great.

    I saw YSL easy and some pretty valentinos but nothing that i had to have

    I've been going to school in Chicago for two years and havent gone off the beaten path too much, but if anyone has any secondhand/vintage knowledge i'd love to know too!

    the only secondhand places i've gone to are chains like buffalo exchange and crossroads though i know in bucktown and wicker park there are some higher end consignment places. haven't been there though.

  6. I went to the Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park but I was kind of disappointed ...... not sure what I was hoping to find but I left empty handed :P
  7. I've never been impressed by Filene's either, but Nordstrom Rack is generally good.
  8. You may want to check out The Daisy Shop on Oak. They have women's couture clothing, handbags, etc. They do have a website, you can Google it for more info! High priced, but some great finds there (vintage Chanel suits, etc.). It's fun sometimes to just go in there to look around :biggrin:
  9. ohh i love shopping on oak st! i will def check this out next time i go. I have to stop by the agent provocateur over there for a friend's birthday present.
  10. Try Designer Resale, a consignment store on north La Salle. They don't sell men's wear but often they carry great bags. Other places- Kokoroko which is located in Wicker Park on north Ashland. Kokoroko is a vintage store, carries menswear but I didn't see designer bags. However occasionally they have very cool jewelry and boots. Also Buy Choice on Lincoln- clean store, nice owner, ok bags, womenwear only, great jewelry. Lula's at the Belle Kay- high end vintage eveningwear and outerwear. Often a fantastic selection of new Brian Atwood shoes.
    Happy shopping!
  11. I will never go back to this place. The last time I went I was treated rudely and spoken to in such a condescending manner. Not to mention that everything reeks of smoke.
  12. I went to see if I could consign some of my clothes at Selections on N. Clybourn. There was a pretty small selection compared to other places; I did find some great things, but didn't purchase. i.e. There was a great pair of Tory Burch pumps [virtually unworn] for ~$70 and a Burberry trench coat for ~$350.

    It's nice because they have a Twitter and they tweet when they get certain pieces in!

  13. Oh yeah, I went there once, or tried to, but it was closed. I think it was a Tuesday....and the elevator was broke and they are on the top floor, I didn't know they were closed until I climbed five flights of stairs in the middle of July, ugh they should have a sign on the main level :P
  14. There's a ton of cute shops in the Wicker Park area. I'm not good with names/streets as it's been a while since I've lived in Chicago, but we go up to shop a few times a year.
  15. There was a few north on Clark, in Wrigleyville, around the Alley and the UO there that I used to frequent as a teen. Not sure if they are still there but they normally had nice things.

    I recently scored a vintage Coach bag in a antique shop, but that was way out in the burbs. :smile: