Any good second hand shops in Orlando area?

  1. Off to Daytona, Orlando next week and wondering if there are any second hand shops or consignment stores in that area. Can anyone recommend any? I'm into LV and Chanel mostly.
  2. Freetoes...I am in Orlando and have yet to find a high end consignment shop. The only one I know of is in Jacksonville, called The Snob.
  3. Well that stinks! :shame: Are there any Off 5th or Neiman's Last Call?
  4. Yes, there is an Off 5th at the Outlets on International Drive. That area is always very busy b/c of high tourism. Neimans last call is coming in Spring 07, I am so excited for the opening, I will be there with bells on!:graucho:

    Have fun on your trip!
  5. :yahoo: I love Off 5th!

    Thank you for the info.