Any good SAs (sales associates) out there?

  1. Why is it that I have NEVER had a pleasant salesperson help me??? Why is this???!! Am I just cursed with always getting the RUDEST :cursing: person available??!! JEEZ!! I'M ABOUT TO SPEND OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS ON A BAG SO WHAT'S THE FRICKIN PROBLEM IF I WANT TO TAKE MY SWEET TIME AND ASK QUESTIONS??!!!


    I'm posting this because I REALLY need some good recs. Who are some POLITE people at BALNY, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys to speak to?
  2. Lee @ Short Hills, NJ NM & Kim @ BalNY are my favorites :smile:
  3. It's because they are better than you..

  4. JJ at Palm Beach NM is really nice and so is Lisa at the Troy, MI NM. Those are the only ones I can recommend from my experience. I hear that Bill at BNY is pretty nice. I met him once but didn't buy a bag that day so I don't have much to go on.
  5. I second Kim at BalNY..she was very nice with my questions and when I was having trouble faxing my info in to her.
  6. I feel your anger Jira!!

    Before I bought my first BMW I felt like I was being sneered at when I'd walk onto their lot. I finally went to a dealership WAY far from me and found someone that was NICE to deal with.

    That said, Peggy @ NM in SF, CA is wonderful as is Kim form BalNY :heart:
  7. There's a lovely woman at Nordstrom Sac., but I can't remember her name! She was very kind and answered all of my questions extensively, plus volunteering information without my asking. Hopefully someone else can remember her name...
  8. ^sarah hinkley
  9. Actually, they are all great at Nordstrom. :tup:
  10. I second Lee @ NM Short Hills, Lisa @ NM, Troy, MI., and Bill @ BalNY is really, really nice, too. Alicia at Nordstrom, Sac is also very, very sweet!!
  11. ITA with simona! They have always been perfect ladies at Nordstrom! Very sweet!:heart:
    Also Liza Ruiz at Barney's in Dallas is VERY GOOD to work with! She is going to school so has a limited schedule, but she doesn't mind calls, and emails to her personal addy.:heart:
    I also call Neiman Marcus in San Francisco, since it is on the left coast with me LOL! and the ladies there have been very nice as well. (and I don't have to pay sales tax to NM, yet!)
  12. Bill at BalNY is the absolute sweetest guy, even when you are NOT spending money! Couldn't recommend anyone higher. :woohoo:
  13. patrice at nordies sac is great to deal with on the phone. i called trying to hunt something down once and she was soooo friendly.

    but i can't understand why customer service is so bad. just the other day i left a vm for an SA at Barneys BH asking her to call me back to complete a purchase (i.e. to GIVE her $$$) and i've hear to hear back. you know, if you can't be bothered to take my money, i'll just keep it in my wallet!
  14. Kim at Bal NY is the sweetest salesperson. I was in NY for business last weekend and stopped by - she pretty much knew she didn't have the colors I was looking for, but she graciously hauled out tons of different bags for me to try on to see which styles I preferred and answered all my questions!
  15. kim and bill @balNY [=