Any Good Photoshopper wish to help me out - PLEASE :)

  1. Hi, I have a picture and I need some lettering cut out of it, Ive tried myself with photoshop but Im really awful. I really need someones help. Can you PM me if you can help me out, also this has something to do with the forum :smile:
  2. umm do I sense the desperation of a tpf meet organiser with less than 48 hours to go?!?!
  3. haha LOL everything is ok, Im on my way there :p
  4. haha...I had the same problem with you 3 weeks ago so I "hired" my friend to do it and I gave him a $20 starbucks card lol...I was more than desperate...
  5. /\ LOL there are some amazing people on here, someone PM'd me last night and helped me out, Im so grateful to her :flowers: