Any good online floral websites?

  1. It's almost Mother's Day, and I really want to send my mom a floral arrangement. Does anywhere know a decent priced floral website thats reliable and delivers on time? I was browsing through, and they had a 30$ surcharge on the flowers I selected! IMO, way too expensive esp since the flowers only cost 40. Any input would be highly appreciated. TIA! :smile:
  2. most floral websites are a kind of go-between for your local florists. for example, FTD licenses their arrangement designs and finds a florist in your area to assemble them and deliver to you. Sometimes its just better to go to your local florist in person if you want to save some money. But its mom! Splurge and buy her the biggest bouquet you can afford. I wish I could. My mommy passed away 5 years ago....:crybaby:

    check out this web page:
  3. Thanks so much for your info, I think I might as well go into a local florist.. I'm so sorry about your mom!!!! :crybaby:
  4. i ordered my mom flowers through they were offering a $10 off the first purchase. my BF has ordered me flowers off this site many times and the arrangements have all been beautiful. hope this helps!
  5. ^^ Thanks for your info, that's what I just did, it was through a local Teleflora floral shop, and I only paid 10 bucks for delivery!! :yahoo:lol. Here's a pic of what I got for my mom!


  6. I was just about to type something similar. I always send flowers to my mother and have found that contacting the local florist is always best..because this is basically what the top online florist do anyway.
  7. That's beautiful Jenn. Make sure they don't substitute. Some florists will without asking you first...LOL. I sent a nice bouquet to my PS's office once and I picked out a beautiful bouquet. They sent a beautiful bouquet but it was not the same as the one I picked out!...LOL. I only knew because I had an appointment 2 days after the delivery with my PS and I saw a big beautiful bouquet and they were so excited and thanked me for it and I was like 'where is it?' It was right in front of I just laughed it off but it was totally different from what I picked out..but the surgeon and staff loved them anyway.
  8. ^^^what a beautiful choice jen! she's gonna love it!
  9. My BF regularly sends me flowers from different sites and local florists, but the cheapest and fastest is Proflowers.

    In fact, he just called to tell me to open the front door. I got a box of neatly wrapped flowers with a beautiful green, glass vase and a box of truffles. That means he will not make it to MN this weekend, so we will not be together this weekend. :crybaby:
  10. Thank you!! I really hope she does like them!! Because I love the color scheme!! :love:
  11. Thanks!!! LOL, for the substitute vase in case they don't have the exact one, I unchecked it! So hopefully, they won't let me down. My office gets arrangements from them every week, so if they mess up.. I will know where to find them... they are about a mile radius away from my office. :sweatdrop: :graucho:
  12. Aw that is so sweet, I gotta hint to my SO to get me flowers more often. I'm sorry that he won't make it in, but the flowers and truffles should help a little! :nuts: Think of it this way, absense makes the heart grow fonder!