Any good muscade paddies out there?

  1. Reading someone else's post about Paddy colors has me thinking, once again, about how much I want a muscade paddy! I have soooo many bags, but I don't have an everyday brown bag, and the muscade paddy has been on my "got to get" list forever. I'm open to different styles (satchel, pocket paddy, etc.) Has anyone seen a muscade paddy on sale anywhere?

  2. Not on sale, but NAP still has the nutmeg (that's muscade) on it's website in the classic medium size.:yes: Also, Bluefly has the large sort of "doctor bag" one in muscade...(I think they're calling it medum brown, but you could call them to make sure it's "muscade" or "nutmeg" on the tag...(same color, different season.) Also, roz77772002 on eBay may be able to track one down if those aren't to your liking:smile: :wlae:
  3. oh muscade/ nutmeg is the best.... sorry i know its not helping but it is so :drool: .

    I bought one of hgbags on eBay - a muscade paddy. She is still selling:

    :heart: bouler bag in muscade:

    :heart: hobo bag in muscade:

    they are so beautiful:drool: i want them all.... but i've spent too much money already.:sad:

    You should make her an offer-

    she was selling my beautiful muscade paddy for $1250 (including p&h) and I bought it for $950 including p &h - SO happy.:yahoo:
  4. Check with Nordstrom at the Grove, Los Angeles. I can't remember it they had the medium Paddy, or only the small with the strap. Ask for Charles.
  5. I haven't seen one recently but i'll be on the lookout :smile: