Any good low fat salad recipes?

  1. Hey ladies!
    Anyone have any low fat figure friendly salad recipes? I am a salad NUT!!
  2. my fav salad when im bored of the usual.....

    blanched string beans
    yellow and red bell pepper, sliced thin
    red onion, sliced thin
    grilled/baked chicken, sliced into bite size pieces
    sliced toasted almonds
    lightly coated with lite balsamic salad dressing
  3. another fav i had today ;)

    cannellini beans
    canned artichoke hearts
    quartered grape tomatoes
    red onion (optional)
    italian tuna (canned in olive oil), drained of most oil
    tossed with fresh lemon juice and evoo and some fresh pepper
  4. i tried the bean one .. it is amazing!! thanks dearest!! :smile:
  5. I make this all the time and you can add things or leave things out depending on what you have or what you want! I really just love this dressing though, especially with the spinach! It goes very well!

    baby spinach leaves
    beans such as kidney or chickpeas
    sliced tomatoes
    (I like to add some fresh mozzarella to this but that is not exactly low fat lol... you can also add grilled chicken if you are hungrier)
    Any other veggies you might like, I also love marinated artichoke hearts and radishes.

    Red wine vinegar
    Extra virgin olive oil (I usually add a little more oil than vinegar)
    A sprinkle of sea salt
  6. Israeli health salad. Easy to make. Ingredients are available year round. It doesn't last too long and tastes best fresh, but it's so good and lo fat. Add warm pita, hummus and/or tahini, and you've got a well rounded meal. I also like to have olives and wax peppers on the side.

    1 medium cucumber (peeled)
    1 medium to large green pepper
    2-3 fresh, medium-sized tomatoes (the recipe is calculated for 3 tomatoes)
    3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
    2 tbsp lemon juice
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp fresh ground pepper

    Chop all vegetables into small cubes, about 5cm squared (you can chop them larger if you like). Add olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Mix. Enjoy!
    Note: Do not make in a metal bowl as the acid from the tomatoes and lemon juice will begin to react.
    Note: The longer it sits, the more liquidy it will get.

    Number of Servings: 8
  7. Similar to Hermesgroupie's


    Tomato, seeds removed, peeling is up to you, cut into wide but bite-sized sections
    Cucumber, seeds/middle raked out, cut into bit-sized but thick slices
    Croutons, not the ones out of the box, but fresh ones, seasoning is up to you, or buy "fresh" breadcrumbs from a place like Earthfare
    A good feta, not too salty
    Oil/Vinegar/Salt/Pepper to taste, plus fresh chopped parsley (lemon juice, if you like!). Best not to use Balsamic in this, I would use red wine vinegar or a good apple cider. Tastes best if you leave it to marinate for a couple of minutes, so long as there isn't so much dressing that the croutons become mushy!

    Oh and my fave for bread:

    cannellini beans
    chopped vidalia onion, small-medium rough chop
    tomato, small-medium rough, seeds removed, peeled
    fresh parsley, or basil, either one
    good olive oil and balsamic vinegar
    (no measurements, usually begin with 1 1/2 cups beans or a can of beans, and add everything to taste- maybe a smaller tomato, half a medium onion, etc.)
    toss together and let marinate for at least 30 minutes, and eat on a good crusty, rustic bread.
  8. I don't have recipes, but I highly recommend Williams-Sonoma's book SALAD. I borrowed it from the library and decided that I need to buy the book. It has great salad recipes for all seasons! :tup:
  9. wow thanks everyone!!! keep 'em coming!!!
  10. anything else??? squeeeeeeeeeeeze those brains! haha
  11. this isnt exactly low fat but I had it today and its amazing!!!! these ingredients are for a family of four as a main course ...

    2-3 cups of cooked spiral pasta
    3 tomatoes cut up
    3 cucumbers cut up
    1 green pepper cut up
    1 red pepper cut up
    1 orange or yellow pepper cut up
    2 tufts of parsely chopped
    2 heads or romaine lettece chopped
    4 grilled chicken breasts cut up (serve each breast on top of each individual salad plate)

    the sauce

    2 lemons
    1/4 cup evoo
    a sprinkle of dried mint
    1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar