Any Good Ideas recoomendations?

  1. I'm opening up a store soon, and I'm focusing on up and coming designers, or little known designers outside of the "purse world. I want my bags to be affordable, fun, and individual-the best thing I like about accessories is that it can make a statement of who you are/ how your feeling without having to do something drastic like shave your head or making major changes to your wardrobe.

    My rule is nothing over 1,000 and my space is kind of hip/chic/fun.
    So far, I've been turned onto:
    1. L.A.MB. Bags
    2. Charm and Luck
    3. Begreen
    4. B&dE

    I also have to say I have a diverse clientèle from 20-65, and some of the older women buy the hottest bags. I have jewelry also, so it's almost like playing grown-up dress up without breaking the bank. I'm trying to create an atmosphere that allows women to pamper themselves and a little "color" in their lives.Given that, and me branding my own things-fun, smart, energetic",

    What other designers/bag would "fit" in my store. Again, I'm staying away from luxury brands-to much of a hassle:tdown:

    Any responses welcomed:supacool:
  2. hayden harnett or tano?
  3. What about Marc by Marc Jacobs and Not Rational. Also, Gryson (sp?).
  4. Hayden Harnett
    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Jenny Yuen
    Rebecca Minkoff
    Not Rational
    Anna Corinna

    All are mid to mid-high level bags and most have superb quality. The top 5 are my favorites because all of the designers offer ultra-fashionable, unique designs, constructed of exceptional leather and at some great prices.
  5. Moni Moni
  6. OOh, and Aanata (or is it Aenata?)
  7. francisco biasia, andrew marc (gorgeous leather, very reasonably priced!)
  8. Thanks ladies!!! I knew you would have some answers. I am going to check out the bagsand find out how to become an authorized retailer. I'll post some favorite pics. Again, thanks as always. I have a lot of homework (or say funwork) to do:wlae:
  9. Anyone heard of jr. drake
  10. Lauren Merkin and Orla Kiely
  11. Andrew Marc and Linea Pelle. Jenny Yuen. Tano. Gryson. Matt and Nat if you'd want to carry something for the vegan crowd.

    I'm one of those "older" women who loves to carry hot, stylish bags. :yes:
  12. Thanks again-I'm glad i'm shopping for my store and not myself-I'd be in debt for life!!:sweatdrop:
  13. Good to know and thanks for the vegan tip:smile: