Any good finds in TJMaxx or Marshalls lately?

  1. Last time I was in a TJMaxx, they had tons of D&B Cabrio bags and a lot of Lulu Guiness items... I can only get to these stores 4-5 times a year, so it's always hit or miss for me. Some are better than others, too.

    Anyway, I'm going next week to a city that has one of each store -- just curious if any good finds in either store lately??? Something to keep an eye out for?

  2. My Marshall's has been abysmal lately. I stop in at least once a week, I don't think they've had a significant delivery in 2+ months.
  3. I agree w/ Kezza! But I always find great deals at Nordstrom outlet especially on designer sunglasses like chanel, dior, gucci, etc. for no more than $50.00. They also had a bunch of the coach hampton bags from last year (I think) for 50-75% off retail. I never find anything good at TJ Maxx to began with beside shoes sometimes...but I love Marshalls.
  4. the last time I was in TJMaxx they had a few cute leather D&B bags as well as the younger hearts and logo bags
  5. Not at Marshalls or anything, but, I got a GREAT micro suede comforter and matching pillow cases at Hechts for 75$ (originally 300$$) :yahoo: I think b/c Macys is finally taking hold of them that they're getting rid of brands Hechts only used to carry. Anyways, alot of their bedroom and bathroom stuff is 65 - 75% off original price if you have one near you/need anything for your home :smile:

    Other than that, I'll prolly hit up Marshalls next week :yes:
  6. I wish I was going to some of the nicer department stores! But I'm going to Omaha... :huh: There really isn't that much there. Hubby has to catch a plane and all airports are 3.5 hours away (Des Moines, Omaha and Minneapolis) and I was sooooo hoping he'd fly outta Mpls, but I just wasn't that lucky. :lol:
  7. awww that sucks :cry: Well, at least when he gets back, if you've found nothing you can justify buying something bigger and better! :roflmfao:
  8. I also found Ugg sandals at TJMaxx but nothing else noteworthy
  9. my greatest finds were:

    3 (lv noe shaped but larger) diane von furstenburg bags

    on sale each for like 29.99

  10. i got 2 pairs of cole haan skimmers for $50 each.
  11. I trolled the Marshalls/TJMaxx circuit today and found a Tara Boone for $30 in their accessory store The Maxx.
  12. Thanks all! Maybe I'll get lucky and actually find something!
  13. Nothing new. I keep my eyes out for Coach deals though.
  14. Me, too. Am still kicking myself because they had a white leather wallet marked down to $15 one time but it had a teeny scratch in it and I was in my "super picky mood" so I didn't get it. :cry:
  15. last winter i got an awesome black white and hot pink DVF luggage piece for $60...i got it marked down because there was some pink markings on the white lining. i also got a wonderful Michael Kors purse for my bday from there! when i went shopping there today they had a really cute coal blackish color one but i just got a new Nine West purse so im good for awhile:rolleyes: