Any good deals on Prada wallets?

  1. If you know of any, pls let me know!
  2. I think I got the last good deal on a Prada wallet when I got my antik cervo zip closure large wallet from Bluefly for $260. I see the price has gone up on them at BG. They used to be $395 and now they are up to $430 ($439 at Styledrops).
    And to think I was complaining about $260. :wtf:
  3. Never mind. Jill must be here! :greengrin:
  4. I'm still looking!
  5. I finally bought a wallet from bluefly this morning. Prada Psycho, it's shaped just like yours but happens to be a white nylon with the large black logo on it. I was looking for a black wallet, but couldn't find one with the zippers on three sides.
    Yours is surely a steal for $260 !! My nylon cost me as much but I used a bluefly coupon on it.