Any good deals in Chicago Easter weekend?

  1. Hello all!

    I'll be in Chicago for Easter weekend and I'm just wondering if there are usually any good sales. Also, are stores open on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday? TIA!
  2. You should check out Samantha Chicago. As a little bonus, they give you really cute messenger bag style shopping bags!

    Good Luck!

    Store Location:
    64 E. Walton, 1st. Floor
    Chicago, IL 60611
  3. Michigan Avenue baby...I will be there!!! I love the sales there!!! (well, I love shopping there sales or not!)
  4. So the stores will be open Friday, Sunday and Monday?
  5. IIRC a lot of stores *may* be closed on Sunday. However, everything should be open on Saturday and Monday. Where are you going to be in Chicago? My two favorite shopping destinations in Chicago are Michigan Avenue, which has everything from Barneys to a Niketown, and the Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora. The outlet mall is about an hour west of Chicago- it has great stores like Theory, Nike, Armani, Petit Bateau.