Any good deals at the Gucci outlet in NJ?

  1. Has anybody been there recently and seen anything good?
  2. Which outlet in NJ???
    I really want to see what the Woodberry Commons in NY has to offer.
  3. An Gucci outlet in NJ? Near Philly or NYC?
  4. Isn't it in Secaucus?
  5. It is Secaucus...and I heard that it is not worth the drive... I ould spend a couple of extra hours and go to New York for a better deal!!!
  6. It is in Secaucus. 1/2 hour or 45 minutes from NYC. It really depends on when you go.

    I was there in November and bought a summer bag. There were MANY bags there for very good prices. Other times not so much.

    THere are also other outlets in the area--Yves Saint Laurent and others. It isn't a mall so you have to drive from outlet to outlet.

    If you are looking for bags, you can always call ahead and ask how many bags they have in stock. When I was there in November, there were at least 20 or more different styles with great discounts. (The bag I bought had retailed for $840 and I bought it for a little over $500)

    also shoes, clothes, etc.

    Good luck ladies
  7. i live close tot he secaucus outlet. it is a hit or miss type store. in my opinion they have a better selection of shoes then bags. the bags are deleivered every tuesday and saturday. not worth a 2 hour drive , but worth a 1 nour drive ..
  8. The outlet is secaucus is very sketchy. When I went there were a lot of people just loitering around the parking lot. It wasn't dark out since it was in the afternoon but I ran to the car as fast as I could. You are better off going to woodbury commons.