Any good clay masques for oily skin?

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  1. I have extremely oily skin, so I use clay masques about 2x a week. I used to use the H2O Sea Mineral Mud Mask ($25) which worked beatifully, because it dramatically lowered my oiliness. I ran out of that product and didn't want to pay quite that much for a masque, so I tried the Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Purifying Clay Masque ($5) from the drugstore. It sucks! I'm just about at full oiliness even though I use it.

    Any suggestions for masques excellent at sucking out oil for under $15?

    If I could harvest the oil from my face, I could sell it to the U.S. and be a millionaire.
  2. ooh, I was going to reccomend the astara blue flame purification mask, but it's $39. It's worth it though, IMO.

    However, Bath and Body Works carries C.O. Bigelow , and they have a really nice clay mask that goes for $18.
  3. The best is Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask.
    It is great, and you can use it to spot treat zits. Just sucks the nastiness right out. It's cheap, available at any drug store.
  4. i :love: :love: :love: queen helene mint julup mask. it's less than 3 dollars and dries zits up in no time. bonus? it smells really good. :smile: i have really dry skin so i only use it as a spot treatment. the only bad things are it's very green so my husband makes fun of me and sometimes it can stain white washclothes or towels, so you have to be careful.
  5. I live in Vancouver, Canada... do you guys know if it's sold here? I don't think I've ever seen it.
  6. i forgot the exact name but theres a tube that murad makes that does wonders
  7. [​IMG] Re: Any good clay masques for oily skin?
    The best is Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask.
    It is great, and you can use it to spot treat zits. Just sucks the nastiness right out. It's cheap, available at any drug store.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [URL="

    [/IMG][/URL] I agree,this is a really great mask,
  8. I LOVE THAT STUFF O_o First time I used it, tingled like crazy, but that's how I knew it was working (for me) and my skin is so soft afterwards.

    Biore also makes a green heating mask - GREAT! Feels SO good, during & after.
  9. Eckerds!
  10. Check this out, Loads of info here, pop by to get some samples. Essential Day Spa is in Vancouver.
  11. I know that you are looking for masques, but just wanted to throw this in. I too have realllly oily skin, and even though i had clear skin all through high school, once I started college I started breaking out. It wasn't super bad but I tried every cream and didn't work. My current derm diagnosed it as hormonal acne and put me on spironolactone which worked wonders! It works by blocking the oil receptors on the face, so it also got rid of my oily skin! And believe me, I used to use sooo many blotting tissues a day - now I never need them! If you don't have any acne problems, it may not be for you (I'm not an expert on it) but just wanted to throw that in there since in my experience I've never found a masque that had permanent effect on oil production, they just temporarily dried my face out
  12. I second this - this is the best.

    (and I am a huge brand name product ho, but, if it works use it - this works, feels good, and really does help with oil.)

    Two thumbs way up. :biggrin:
  13. Jurlique has an ultra sensitive nurturing mask that is great!
  14. In my twenties, I use to have combination skin and in the summer, I would have an oily face. I found that when I agressively cleaned or zapped the oils from my face using mask would only temporarily reduce the oil and soon after be even oiler. Eventually I found a toner that balanced out my skin after each wash and the oiliness became lessened as well as under control.
  15. i like the aveda clay masque, but i think its around $30 CDN...maybe less
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