Any good Chloes in Chicago!?!

  1. Does anyone know if there are any black chloe bags on sale at the NM in Chicago?? I called the on in Oak Brook and they didn't have any. Thanks:smile:
  2. I didn't see any at NM in black except the new (little lock) version. I was at the Northbrook store, and Michigan Ave., neither one had black. Check Saks Fifth Avenue on Michigan Avenue...they have Chloes too and usually a pretty decent collection. The store "Blake" carries Chloe as does Barneys on Oak Street. Blake is downtown as well, but I can't think of the street it's on. Also, try "Intermix" downtown...they also have a store in Lincoln Park that had Chloes when I was there the other day...I don't remember the "classic" paddingtons there, but they may have gotten some in:smile::wlae: