Any good cashmere deals?

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  1. I haven't been finding too many. Maybe I'm looking at all the wrong sites/sales.

    Could someone please post some deals?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't know about on line, but at the mall this week Bloomies had cashmere at 40-50% off and Ann Taylor had a sign that said 40% off cashmere.
  3. I just went to old navy and they had 50% off their cashmere sweaters in lots of colors. They are 30-35 dollars. Hope this helps.:tup:
  4. macys and, 50% off.
  5. Loehmanns had theirs marked way down. They had sweaters originally marked at $188-down to $48-$58... and then 1/2 off that price. I got two for under $60.:rolleyes:
  6. I'm not sure where you are located, but the Saks Off 5th outlets all have 50% off their cashmere.
  7. The Ann Taylor sale is also on-line.
  8. macy's has just about all their womens cashmere sweaters for 49.99 right now, and if you use your macy's card, its an additional 20% off in store. Not too sure abt online. They have a lot of coupons too but for instore only use. I got a cashmere sweater saturday for $35 after a $15 off coupon any $50 purchase.

    Belk had a good deal for 50% off all cashmere also. I'm sure they'll go down even more after new years for all the end of season stuff.
  9. I found some nice cashmere sweaters and blends at Intermix and Club Monoco this past weekend. Intermix had alot of Vince sweaters on sale. Club Monoco had some more classic looks.
  10. This is a great deal! when was it you found this sale? :nuts:
  11. I bought some at Saks Off Fifth, (50%) off, and a few at Macys. Macys were approx.$60.00 They are both nice. Many cashmere sweaters are so plain looking, I don't like them, but both of these stores had styles with some flair.
    Yesterday, I was at Costco and they actually had some at I believe, $50.00. They looked ok, but something about buying clothes at costco I can't do...
  12. The Theory and Magaschoni cashmere tunics in greys that I wanted from Saks are sold out. :rolleyes:
    There's a Vince long cardi on eluxury I'm eyeing, but it's only 40% cashmere. I agree, there's a dearth in youthful, fashion-forward cashmere styles. I don't want a plain old button down cardigan or pullover. There are some cute C3 cashmere sweaters on Bluefly...the Union Jack one is sold out, though. :'(
  13. I know it sounds hokey, but I like the llbean ones-they're on sale!
  14. not sure if you are near one but uniqlo is having a sale of 50% on their cashmere. if you are in nyc there is one in soho. prices were about 40 bucks.
  15. bluefly had cashmere on sale for up to 80% or something like that a few weeks ago...

    I think they still have some sort of sale going should take a look!