Any good Bulga deals around?

  1. I am so sad! I sold my gorgeous chocolate brown medium Bulga butterfly tote on eBay. Now i want another one! Does anyone know of any good Bulga deals going on right now?
  2. Yeah, I can't subtract; that should be $335.75 not $296.25, sorry.
  3. shipping is free even if its overseas?? i mean, i don't live in america and where i live there is no designer bags.. it's only when i travelled that i could buy my bags.
  4. Shipping is free for domestic orders over $200.00 that are shipped to anywhere within the United States. International shipping rates vary by weight and are calculated at checkout according to the customer service guidelines: You can always call them at 1-877-659-5310 or e-mail inquiries to them at

  5. Jessie is a great store! I love buying from them! I dunno about that colour though. :lol:

    Why did you sell your butterfly tote, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. Here's another medium brown stud for a wee bit cheaper:,2026.htm

    $398.00 and then code toutie for 20% off = $318.40.

    Seems like the medium brown butterfly tote is basically sold out otherwise.
  7. Try eBay or I do know that has the chocolate brown on sale for $356.00. It is in their sale section. Though finding one on Ebay would be cheaper. Maybe your buyer would let you buy yours back :wondering!

    I have the choclate Bulga and it is sooo yummy! But so are all Bulgas! Good luck:smile: