Any Givenchy style experts out there?

  1. I work in Saudi Arabia and visited a Givenchy shop this morning. I saw a Givenchy bag that I really loved, but it was pricey (which is usually the case in the Middle East). The storekeeper couldn't tell me the style name but he said the style number was 24155. It was a black, very supple leather, east-west shaped bag, approx 14" wide by about 7" deep (at a guess) with the Givenchy pattern embossed in the black leather. It had two vertical zippers at about the same point as the handles and the sides were gathered in by open rivets and threaded with a leather strap each side. It also had a matching wallet. I've hunted high and low on TPF, the Givenchy website, even on Barney's and Luisavaroma (sp?) and all over the web, but simply can't find a picture to show my hubby, so that I can try and persuade him to let me have it for Valentine's Day. He simply won't go down town. Anyone know which bag I'm talking about? In the meantime I'll also try and e-mail Givenchy direct.