Any Givenchy Nightingale Owners out there?

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  1. Givenchy Nightingale lovers! Do you put any leather care product on your bag? Applegard? I use my applegard stain & rain repellant, leather cleaner & conditioner for my YSL Ivory Muse but not quite sure if this can work with a Red Nightingale. Your thoughts would be much appreciated :biggrin: TIA!
  2. I don't do or put anything on my nightingale :shame: mine is black and I've had it for almost a year and wear it quite often don't have any problem with it but maybe I should spray it with colonil waterstop... :wondering
  3. ^curious how its worn over the shoulder w/ the strap... i tried a medium purple, but the handles are so stiff, i couldn't get it to sit well under my pits :P
  4. purse-nality I have no problem carrying it over the shoulder with the strap... because it's quite slouchy if you take the stuffing out and just carry normal stuff... so the handles sort of flop over to the front out of the way and not sitting straight up if you know what I mean :amuse:
  5. ^thanks girl! i'll give it another try!