Any Gaucho sightings and which size/color?

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  1. Just as we were saying Dior's gaucho was "too western" or "tacky" with its coin and key dangling, or just as we were complaining about the "dirty white" or commenting about how it was available everywhere... ---poof--- waitlist only.

    Has anyone seen any gauchos at their local Dior etc. and what size? I am particularly looking for the medium size in white. Let me know which Dior in which town.

    How many of us have purchased it? What size/color? Are we in love, or are we different than the masses, and still saying "not for me"?

    I myself said no...but then it quickly changed into a yes when I tried one for size and felt very free and "at ease" almost like I just wanted to wander the prairie with the wind in my hair and my spurs on.
  2. I do think it is odd that 20 people have viewed this thread yet there are no responses...perhaps no one here at the moment is a gaucho fan?
  3. It was available on elux earlier in the day, maybe it'll come back! Hope you get your bag :biggrin: I didn't see it @ either boutique yesterday, but I'm sure you already knew that since we live in the same place. btw, did they try to locate it for you at another boutique?
  4. They are sold out nationwide actually. And it is not available on elux. If you take it into the shopping cart it will tell you that it ships April. How are you doing? Everything good? Email me. :smile:
  5. I think I am going to have them run a nationwide search tomorrow for the other colors.
  6. I have a medium gaucho in red and I LOVE it! I use it a lot. It is actually one of my favorite bags. I wear it with jeans and cowboy boots as well as with other casual wear. It holds quite a bit and it really gives a little character to an otherwise ordinary outfit. I can't say enough nice things about it. I'm a fan!
  7. I'm still madly in love with my white tote. At my local Dior Boutique and the boutique in my Saks, all they had was brown. There was a red tote but it was spoken for.
  8. You might check the boutiques in Vegas.....they've had a lot of white. I got a call last night for the brown tote at Dior in the Wynn....if anyone is interested. I passed on it! I prefer the medium saddle.
  9. I sent you a pm but I recently received the medium white gaucho and am taking it back to saks portland on Monday and I am waiting for my white gaucho tote to arrive in its place. I guess I better call NY to make sure it has come in before I return this one because I don't want to end up with neither. I'd keep this one if they couldn't find me a tote. It is a beautiful bag and you will love it. It is also featured in the saks catalog that I received yesterday, in brown.
  10. In Canada we are still waiting for the first shipment!!!!
    Its frustrating, I am on 2 lists for a medium in red. Up here they are telling us the the US is "completly sold out in some colours" ( I corrected them when they told me that).
    The first shipment is due up here by the end of the month. I may just bite the bullet and order one from the US. NYC had some last I checked....
  11. I saw the small and large red Gauchos at the Dior boutique inside Saks about two weeks ago.
  12. I think they still have some at the Saks in Troy, MI. (248) 643-9000- Good luck!
  13. It seems you might have to wait a bit for one, but I am sure it is well worth the wait. I would love one right now too, I just don't have the money
  14. i haven't been to saks or dior lately. actualyl haven't gone since i've got mine. but to wait till may isn't that bad. it's only 2 months away! it'll go by fast.

  15. I've heard, but I was thinking that maybe someone might have gotten a new shipment etc and you might get lucky if you keep checking the computer :biggrin: It would suck if someone here spotted one at their local boutique and they told you that there were none available anywhere. About elux, I figured there would be a wait but not that long! And I thought waiting for the B. Fendi sucked! In any case, I hope you get it! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :amuse:

    I'm great! I emailed you the other day girl! We still need to go shopping or something. I went the other day and saw some birkins, but none of them were the one I wanted:cry: