Any gardening related scarves?

  1. Yes, I´m 25 and I love gardening:shame: Not into knitting-atleast not yet! So my question is, are there any gardening related scarves available? Or just flowers (I need a good flower scarf too)?
  2. Yes and I BELIEVE one is called Les Jardiniers du Roy.......I had one and thought I kept a photo of it but now I can't find it......dang!
  3. Thanks for the name-found it!! That´s gorgeous, I wonder what colourways there are, on french eBay there is red/blue.
  4. I don't see that one, NOLA. Can you post the link?

    I know there is one in shades of green which is the one I had but those colors didn't suit me.....
  5. That was the scarf that I instantly thought of too. I've only seen t in this colourway

    There are also a whole bunch of scarves with "jardin(s)" in their title.

    P.S. I'm 26 and have always loved growing stuff too, even as a child :upsidedown: Current obsession is orchids.
  6. Here
    Auction has ended though:tdown:

    Love that colourway Loony! Then there´s the Jardin d´hiver, and Central park both of whom I love, but I was wondering if there´s any scarf that has the pots and equipments like in the cooking scarf?
  7. "Retour a la terre" also has gardening thingies in it. I love that scarf.
    And what about 'Early America'? Don't they put things into the ground there too?
  8. Great thread!! I'm crazy about gardening/gardens/trees!:heart: Sadly, at the same time, quite jumpy-flinchy about most insects.:push::lol:
  9. LOL, gardens too and one of my favorite holidays was in the UK touring the gardens.

    (......and though I'm not a big bug lover myself, I would LOVE to find an "Ingrid" scarf in great condition....)
  10. ^
    Haha, Makes me think of the Ingrid commotion. lol:upsidedown:
  11. Au Bois Dormant - hard to find vintage issue , had wheelbarrows and garden tools

    That's about the only one with garden implements...

    There are lots of garden scarves - flowers - but no implements - some recent ones include

    Jardins d Andalousie - Spanish
    Jardins d Hiver - greenhouse gardens
  12. One of my favorite scarves is Giverny, in blue or the mousseline. There's a pink one, and a blue one as part of a lot on eBay now.
  13. EEk all these names, thank you so much! *goes to look*
  14. There's one with big herb sheaves wrapped with a ribbon at each corner, and I thought there were gardening tools on it.....I loved it for a while and decided the colors were not right for me.....can't remember the name....anyone? Will post if I remember...