Any Gardeners?

  1. I find gardening so cathartic. Anyone else? I love how my muscles feel sore afterwards, sweating, the progress you see when pulling weeds, the immediate beautification....LOVE it all!:yahoo:
  2. I spent a few hours today in the garden. I was moving shrubs around. Some got too big for the space (it's always a surprise if they will be happy in their spot) and some were ugly where they were. If I don't like how something looks, out it goes... to another spot. I don't care how risky to the shrub/perennial... I have to correct it.

    I have a few dwarf Japanese Maples that were not supposed to grow beyond a certain height, but they loved where they were and really took off... I had to move them.

    I agree, gardening is very cathartic!
  3. Hmm I don't mind gardening. It's just I wish my flowers would live for more then 1 day.

    I planted flowers Saturday, woke up Sunday...Looked out the window and they are dead. I don't know if I should laugh or cry LOL :crybaby: :roflmfao: :confused1:
  4. I buy you a plane ticket to come down and help the back yard?? :p

    Man my mower leaks gas and I am toooo lazy to get out the weed eater. I wish I had your attitude!!:smile: :smile: :yes:
  5. :yes: LOVE gardening!

    We have guys that 'do the lawn', I don't like that, but I love planting and pruning, etc. . .
    I planted a hydrangea and some azaleas this past weekend :biggrin:
  6. Jayne...I do the same thing. I use my gf's philosophy which is 'just get the shizit in the ground!"...If I don't like it, I'll move it. I split plants all the time too. I mostly plant perinneals...try to get the biggest bang for my buck.

    Jen...ummm...I mean this in the nicest way...have you watered or fertilized them after planting them? ;) I first, they always look a bit droopy, just watch them and water/fert. them a bit and see if they pop back up! ;)

    Christine! I'm there!!! Book it!

    Swank...I love, love, love hydrangeas and azaleas! Esp. hyd. YOu just posted the TWO plants I can NOT keep alive. I've tried azaleas three diff. times and finally said longer spending the money on them. The hydrangeas...I think the soil at my last home wasn't conducive...or I didn't add the acid enough. I'm going to try again at my new home...crossing fingers. What color did you I love them all!
  7. finally got warm here this week(80 degrees!!).I spent almost 5 hours gardening..pullin weeds..etc..I love it..LOL
    Still havin leg cramps though(Im so OUT of shape!HEEHEE!)

    I have people that fertilize and mow for me..but I love to mulch and do my own flowers....I can put down 15 yards of mulch and 10 flats of annuals in no time..heehee
  8. We moved two years ago, and at my old house, I started w/no landscaping at all. I had 3 neighbors that loved to share 'overgrown' the four of us split and shared all the time. It was an awesome way to expand our gardens w/variety and not a terrible expense.

    When we moved, we more than tripled our garden space, I had a baby the first summer and didn't even attempt. Last summer, she still wasn't walking and I couldn't get 'into it' w/out having to, w/out the help of my old neighbors and the extra space, I was overwhelmed and did nothing.
    This week...I started....SO much fun. I'm so glad I'm into it again....I even love the feel of pulling the weeds from the ground root and all!! Am I sick, or what!

  9. :p ME TOO!! (But I love that achy feeling! and I love getting some sun and sweating....:love: )
  10. We have a guy do the lawn as well... I hate grass, I would get rid of all of it, if my husband would allow it. It's the planting and pruning that I love too!
  11. where do you live-ish mshel? Are hydrangeas and azaleas hearty there?

    My hydrangeas are usually a pale green and blue mix, but I may try jacking w/ the soil this summer to see if I can't get them to turn another color.
    I planted some hot pink/white twist azaleas and some solid hot pink ones.

    Hydrangeas are hard unless you have crazy rich soil- which I don't! They like some filtered light and TONS of water.

    Hydrangea is my all time fave flower, it was my wedding flower:love:
  12. Where are you flying in from??? (LOL!!!). Seriously my back yard is about 10x12 feet and I still hate the mowing - mostly b/c it is a push mower and the tight turns. I so want to make the yard beeeyootiful but I tend to kill plants. I do, however have some success with the potted plants so I will start there this year. :smile:
  13. I live in the midwest. My nd neighbor (old house) had a huge blue think it was in the way I cared for it actually. Maybe didn't water it enough...duh...the name says it all.

    I thought you can 'jack w/the soil' by messing w/the acid to get the desired color. Is that wrong?

    I'm going to plant another in the next few weeks. I may need your help.

    I have those fake hydrangeas in glass bowls (w/the 'fake' water...kwim?) all over my house...I just love that flower...and so badly want to be able to make them grow.
  14. :blush: I love to mow...
  15. By the way, what zones are we talking about? I'm a 6A in Toronto. That "A" sub-zone lets me plant more interesting things than a regular 6 zone.

    I also have heavy clay soil... that means I can plant any Maple tree known to man and it will survive. :p